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Red Mill Bob Moore Net Worth At The Time of Death: What Was The Cause of His Death?

Bob Moore’s precise net worth at the time of his passing remains uncertain. However, he had achieved millionaire status by 1979, and the value of Bob’s Red Mill had surpassed $100 million.

Bob Moore, the founder of the whole-grain food company Bob’s Red Mill, was born in Portland on Feb 15, 1929, to Ken Moore and Doris Moore.

He was raised in Los Angeles and moved to Redding and then to Oregon. Bob first met his wife, Charlee, on a blind date.

Red Mill Bob Moore Net Worth
Founder Of The Red Mill- Bob Moore (Source: Pinterest)

After seeing each other for a year, they got married in 1953. Moore’s career in the food industry began as he and his wife wanted to have a health-conscious diet.

So, Moore and his wife started a stone-ground flour mill in Redding. There, they produced flours and cereals.

In 1978, the couple opened Bob’s Red Mill in the Milwaukie with the main objective of selling natural food.

As of 2024, Bob’s Mill distributes more than two hundred products in more than seventy countries worldwide, including Japan, Canada, the U.S., etc.

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Red Mill Bob Moore Net Worth At The Time of Death

Red Mill’s owner, Bob Moore’s Net worth before his demise on February 10, 2024, is not precisely known as he was very private about his earnings.

However, it is speculated that he was definitely a millionaire in his 50s.

Moore’s net worth was derived from various sources, including owning several businesses, notably his gas station and mill. In 2010, the value of Bob’s Red Mill alone stood at $100 million.

However, Moore chose to gift it to his employees, recognizing their invaluable contributions to Red Mill’s success.

Red Mill Bob Moore Net Worth
Bob Moore Was A Millionaire By His 50s (Source: Pinterest)

Moore first started working in the May Company Department store’s warehouse in Los Angeles. Later, he was promoted to a managing position, inspiring Moore to open his own department store.

After marrying his wife, Charlee Moore still didn’t have his career figured out when the Mobil gas station business allured him.

So, he contacted one of the gas stations in Los Angeles, investigating if the owners were willing to sell it. The deal was settled for $6,000, making Bob Moore the Mobil gas station owner.

After working in a gas station for a few years, Moore and Charlee decided to sell the LA gas station, and then they moved to Southern Sierra Nevada and bought another gas station there.

However, Nevada’s gas station didn’t succeed even for a year. So, Moore moved to Sacramento and started working in the Sears department store’s hardware section.

Later, he worked as a manager in an auto shop in Redding in his mid-40s. Finally, in 1974, Moore and Charlee’s desire to lead a healthy life by eating natural food turned into a Mill Business.

What Was The Cause of Red Mill Boob Moore Death?

The founder of Red Mill, Bob Moore, died on Saturday, February 10, 2024. The news of Moore’s demise was first made public via Red Mill’s social media post.

Red Mill Bob Moore Net Worth
Moore Took His Last Breath At His Home (Source: Pinterest)

The post said Bod Moore had passed away at 94 and described how he was so full of love and life.

Furthermore, Red Mill company’s website said Moore “peacefully passed away at his home.”

Reportedly, the company’s spokesperson, Meaghan, said Bob Moore died of natural causes in an email addressed to USA TODAY.

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