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Mojo Nixon Net Worth Before Death: How Rich Was Radio Host?

Mojo Nixon net worth was approximately $2 million before his death.

Neill Kirby McMillan Jr., popularly known as Mojo Nixon, was an American actor and musician.

Born on August 2, 1957, in North Carolina, his musical genre was a fusion of rockabilly and punk rock known as Psychobilly.

Some of his most famous songs are Tie My Pecker To My Leg, Jesus At McDonald’s, Stuffin’ Martha’s Muffin, I Hate Banks, Girlfriend In A Coma, You Can’t Kill Me, etc. 

Besides singing and acting, he also enjoyed disc jockeying and worked as a host at SiriusXM Radio.

Mojo Nixon Net Worth
American Late Singer-Actor Mojo Nixon (Source: Instagram)

Mojo released his first album in 1985, “Mono and Skid Roper,” with his first companion in the music industry, Roper.

His biggest hit, “Elvis Is Everywhere,” made him known as a cult performer. In the song, Mojo responded to rumours surfacing about Persley still alive.

Similarly, Nixon’s acting career began with the movie “Great Balls of Fire!”  in 1989, where he played the role of a drummer.

Likewise, Mojo hosted three shows on Sirius Radio in 2008: Outlaw Country, channel 60; The Loon in the Afternoon, Mojo Nixon’s Manifold Destiny on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio, channel 90, and Lyin’ Cocksuckers.

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Mojo Nixon’s Net Worth Before His Demise

Mojo Nixon’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million while he was alive. He died on February 7, 2024, while on the Outlaw Country Cruise as a performer and a host.

His family shared the news of his death on Facebook and confirmed it was due to “cardiac arrest”.

Reportedly, he gave a phenomenal performance on the cruise just an hour before taking his last breath.

 Nixon Net Worth Before His Demise Is Estimated At $2 Million
Mojo Nixon Net Worth Before His Demise Is Estimated At $2 Million (Source: Instagram)

The main source of Mojo’s income was singing and writing songs. He primarily earned royalties from album sales for being a singer and songwriter and performing live.

Similarly, his acting career, DJ work, and show hosting also contributed to some of his net worth. 

There is no precise information on how much Mojo charged for a movie. However, it definitely differed from the role he played and the genre of the movie.

Mojo Nixon’s Wife, Kids & Educational Background

Mojo was married to his wife, Adarie McMillan. They have two sons, Rafe Cannonball McMillan and Ruben McMillan.

Likewise, he had a sister, Jane Holden McMillan and a brother, Arthur Reese McMillan. All three of them were raised together in North Carolina, U.S.

Mojo Nixon Net Worth
Nixon Performing Live At McCabe’s Guitar Shop (Source: Instagram)

Reportedly, he was also survived by the presence of his wife, kids, siblings and his loving granddaughter.

Mojo Nixon graduated in Political science in 1979 from the Miami University in Ohio.

However, he did not follow the political science career path and moved to London with the motive of entering the punk scene.

Later, when that didn’t happen, Nixon began singing covers of country songs in different bars.

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