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Ian Miles Cheong Age & Wikipedia: Wife & Details On Brazen Bull Execution

Ian Miles Cheong is a controversial Malaysian gaming journalist and political commentator known for his Twitter commentary, particularly in right-wing circles focused on U.S. politics. As per his birthdate, his present age is 40.

Before engaging in U.S. domestic matters, he was primarily acknowledged for his contributions as a gaming journalist and his influential role as a Reddit moderator.

He gained notoriety for his engagement in Gamergate, which refers to a controversy between predominantly male gamers and female game developers, leading to a widespread harassment campaign in 2014.

Critics have labeled him as racist, s*xist, homophobic, transphobic, Islamophobic, and anti-Semitic, while also accusing him of being a grifter, a troll, and a plagiarist.

Malaysian Gaming Journalist, Ian Miles Cheong
Malaysian Gaming Journalist, Ian Miles Cheong (Source: X)

In addition to writing for Heat Street, The Sun, and The Escapist, his work has been published in The Rebel, Penthouse, Human Events, and The Post Millennial.

He is also known for his involvement in “Battlefield V Fails, Star Wars Cancelled, Angry Joe Cries… and More,” “The Everything Space,” and “Twitter Spaces: Twitter.”

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Ian Miles Cheong Age & Wikipedia

Ian Miles Cheong, born on October 10, 1983, is presently 40 years of age.

Hailing from Ipoh, Malaysia, he holds Malaysian nationality and is of South Asian descent, although details about his parents are currently unknown.

He comes from a diverse ethnic background inherited from his family, and he practices the Islam religion.

Little is known about his parents’ background, but it’s evident that Cheong’s upbringing was shaped by the multicultural landscape of Malaysia.

Ian Miles Cheong Comes From Mixed Ethnic Background
Ian Miles Cheong Comes From Mixed Ethnic Background (Source: Hindustantimes)

He remains tight-lipped about his parents’ details, and there is a notable lack of information about his siblings.

Raised in a middle-class household, he attended a private school and cultivated a passion for gaming, comics, and sci-fi from a young age, commencing his writing career for online platforms at the age of 15.

Additionally, he became involved on Reddit, taking up moderation roles for various subreddits such as r/gaming and r/games.

This period of exploration and growth laid the foundation for his later ventures into online commentary and journalism, setting the stage for his influential presence in digital spaces.

After achieving his bachelor’s degree, he concentrated on developing his career as a journalist and writer.

Ian Miles Cheong’s Wife & Details On Brazen Bull Execution

Cheong remains unmarried and does not have a wife; reportedly, he is single and has not disclosed any information regarding his past or present relationships.

Presently, he resides in Ipoh, Malaysia, together with his parents and their beloved pet dog.

In contrast to his outspoken nature and insightful critiques, he has decided to maintain the privacy of his personal life, notably his relationships.

Recently, Twitter has been flooded with rumors, triggered by a viral tweet alleging that the Malaysian government had voted unanimously to execute Cheong in February, utilizing the infamous Brazen Bull method.

The Rumors Regarding Cheong's Brazen Bull Execution Is Fake
The Rumors Regarding Cheong’s Brazen Bull Execution Is Fake (Source: X)

Without credible sources to substantiate these assertions, the inclusion of the Brazen Bull method in the rumors remains unconfirmed and questionable.

To address the speculation, Cheong turned to his Twitter profile to dismiss the accusations, advising against the propagation of unsubstantiated claims.

The fake tweet circulated by user @TheWapplehouse falsely claimed that Cheong had been executed under the directive of Anwar Ibrahim, the leader of Malaysia’s opposition party.

Despite its deletion, the tweet had already spread widely, prompting jubilation from certain quarters critical of Cheong.

However, the rumors were verified to be a false and highly deceptive narrative.

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