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Josh Stein Wife: Anna Harris Stein – Family & Kids

Josh Stein is the 51st Attorney General of North Carolina, and his wife is Anna Harris Stein.

Joshua Stein, born on September 13, 1966, is a prominent American lawyer and Democratic politician, currently serving as the 51st Attorney General of North Carolina since his election in 2017.

Stein’s political journey began when he represented District 16 in the North Carolina Senate, ultimately becoming the first Jewish person in the state to win a statewide election.

He interned for State Representative Dan Blue and managed John Edwards’ successful U.S. Senate campaign in 1998.

Appointed Senior Deputy Attorney General for Consumer Protection by then-Attorney General Roy Cooper in 2001, Stein demonstrated his dedication to consumer rights.

Josh Stein An American Lawyer And Politician
Josh Stein An American Lawyer And Politician (Source: Instagram)

As Attorney General, Stein achieved national recognition for bipartisan leadership, notably in negotiating a groundbreaking $50 billion settlement with drug companies over the opioid epidemic.

A trailblazer, Stein filed a brief supporting the Affordable Care Act in 2018 and became the first Attorney General to sue e-cigarette giant Juul for marketing to minors in 2019.

On January 18, 2023, he announced his gubernatorial campaign for the 2024 election, endorsed by various officials and organizations.

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Josh Stein Wife: Anna Harris Stein

Anna Harris Stein, wife of North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein, plays a vital role in the life of the prominent politician and public servant.

Born and raised in North Carolina, Anna shares deep roots with her husband in the state they both call home.

Married to Josh Stein, Anna is the mother of their three children—Sam, Adam, and Leah. The Stein family is actively involved in the Raleigh community, being members of Temple Beth Or.

Josh Stein Wife Anna Harris Stein
Josh Stein Wife Anna Harris Stein (Source: Instagram)

Beyond her role as a spouse and mother, Anna has shown resilience and support during challenging times, particularly when Josh recently underwent surgery for a minor stroke.

His public acknowledgment of her quick recognition of stroke symptoms underscores the strength of their partnership.

Amid Josh’s demanding career as Attorney General, Anna’s support is evident in their shared commitment to family and community.

Anna’s involvement extends beyond the political sphere, as demonstrated by her active participation in community and religious activities.

The family’s connection to Temple Beth Or reflects a broader commitment to both faith and community service.

Josh Stein: Family & Kids

Josh Stein, the 51st Attorney General of North Carolina, shares his life with a loving and supportive family. Married to Anna Harris Stein, the couple has three children: sons Sam and Adam, and daughter Leah.

The Steins have chosen to raise their family in North Carolina, emphasizing their deep connection to the state.

Adam, 24, Josh’s son, recently graduated from Dartmouth, marking a significant milestone for the family.

Josh Stein Wife And Kids
Josh Stein Wife And Kids (Source: Instagram)

Their daughter Leah, 19, a notable achiever, graduated from Broughton, where she served as the Student Body President, earning praise for her impactful remarks to the class of ’22.

The family also commemorates birthdays, with April 21 being a special day for both Anna and Leah. The Steins cherish these moments and share them with their community.

Expressing admiration and gratitude, Josh Stein often publicly acknowledges the influence of his father, Adam Stein.

In birthday tributes, he highlights his father’s role as a hero who instilled values of caring for others, standing up for principles, and taking on meaningful fights.

Josh Stein’s close-knit family includes his siblings, Gerda and Eric. Growing up in North Carolina alongside them, Stein reflects on the positive experiences of his childhood.

The Stein family’s active engagement in education, community, and celebrations showcases a blend of personal and public life, underscoring the importance of family values in Josh Stein’s journey as a dedicated public servant.

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