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Quinton Lucas Wife: Is He Married To Girlfriend Katherine Carttar? Son Bennett

Quinton Lucas, the American politician, is married to his longtime girlfriend, Katherine Carttar, in 2021.

Quinton Donald Lucas, born August 19, 1984, serves as the 55th mayor of Kansas City, Missouri, elected in 2019 as a Democrat.

Before entering politics, Lucas excelled academically, earning a scholarship to the Barstow School and studying political science at Washington University.

Quinton Lucas An American Politician
Quinton Lucas An American Politician (Source: Facebook)

His experiences in South Africa, witnessing the aftermath of apartheid, profoundly influenced his commitment to addressing social inequalities.

After law school at Cornell, Lucas joined the University of Kansas Faculty of Law in 2012. His political career began in 2015 when he secured a city council seat, focusing on housing policy and advocating for transparent decision-making.

As a council member, he played a key role in shaping ordinances related to affordable housing.

In the 2019 mayoral election, Lucas emerged victorious, securing approximately 59% of the vote. Since assuming office, he has been dedicated to fostering community development, addressing housing challenges, and championing transparency.

Despite facing criticism for COVID-19 measures, Lucas was re-elected in 2023, solidifying his impact on Kansas City’s political landscape.

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Quinton Lucas Wife: Is He Married To Girlfriend Katherine Carttar?

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas, born on August 19, 1984, recently tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, Katherine Carttar. The civil ceremony took place on April 9, 2021, in Jackson County.

Lucas shared the joyful news during a radio show, expressing his gratitude for what he deemed a year of “blessings and abundance.”

Quinton Lucas Serves As The 55th Mayor Of Kansas City
Quinton Lucas Serves As The 55th Mayor Of Kansas City (Source: Facebook)

The couple, together well before Lucas assumed the mayoral role, prioritized family amid the challenges of the past year.

Katherine and Quinton’s relationship, now officially recognized in marriage, reflects a commitment to weather life’s uncertainties together. Their union symbolizes a reprioritization of values, emphasizing the importance of family.

The ceremony was reportedly a private affair, underscoring Lucas’s inclination for a more personal celebration.

Amidst the happiness, the couple faced some challenges with the birth of their son, the mayor acknowledged the support received and praised the outstanding maternity and neonatal intensive care unit at the University of Kansas Hospital.

Quinton Lucas Son Bennett

Quinton Lucas, the Mayor of Kansas City, joyfully announced the arrival of his son, Bennett, born to him and his wife, Katherine Carttar.

Born in April 2021, Bennett is the first child of the mayor, marking a significant milestone in his personal life.

Bennett’s name holds special meaning as a tribute to Lucas’s mother, reflecting the deep family connections that shape the mayor’s life.

Despite facing initial medical challenges, prompting the family to spend time in the neonatal intensive care unit.

Quinton Lucas With His Son
Quinton Lucas With His Son (Source: Instagram)

Lucas expressed gratitude for the support received during this challenging period, highlighting the excellent care provided by the medical staff at the University of Kansas Health System.

The introduction of Bennett to the Kansas City community took on added poignancy in light of a recent event.

It was revealed that the Mayor had contemplated bringing his young son to the Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory parade, a decision he ultimately reconsidered.

This decision proved fortuitous as the celebratory event turned tragic when gunfire erupted, resulting in one fatality and 22 injuries. The mayor, like many others, found himself running for safety during the incident.

Mayor Lucas, known for his commitment to community development and social equity, is now navigating the responsibilities of parenthood alongside his mayoral duties.

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