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Kevin Hart Arrested 2024: Is The Comedian Arrested News Rumor Or Real?

Kevin Hart, the American comedian and actor, hasn’t been arrested; the claims are connected to something that happened in the past.

In a tragic turn of events, a Central Valley man named Kevin Hart, not to be confused with the famous comedian, has been arrested and charged with the murder of 65-year-old Jackie Robinson in Seaside.

The incident occurred during Hart’s visit to Robinson’s home, where he allegedly beat her to death.

Kevin Hart, A Central Valley Man Arrested
Kevin Hart, A Central Valley Man Arrested (Source: KSBW)

Scheduled for arraignment in a Salinas courtroom, Hart refused to leave his cell, adding a mysterious twist to the case. Seaside police reported that he resisted arrest and obstructed law enforcement.

The community is reeling from the shock of the brutal attack on Robinson, who was known as an usher at Bethel Missionary Baptist Church.

Meanwhile, fans of the comedian Kevin Hart express concern and confusion over the shared name, emphasizing the need to distinguish between the accused individual and the renowned entertainer.

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Kevin Hart Arrested 2024: Is The Comedian Arrested News Rumor Or Real?

Renowned comedian and actor Kevin Hart has recently found himself at the center of rumors after claims surfaced regarding his arrest news rumor.

However, it is crucial to clarify that the recent claims are not accurate and are related to a past incident.

On April 14, 2013, Hart faced legal troubles when he was charged with suspicion of drunk driving after his vehicle nearly collided with a tanker truck on a Southern California freeway.

The “Think Like a Man” star was reportedly speeding on the westbound 101 Freeway in a black Mercedes SLS, exhibiting erratic driving behavior that nearly resulted in a collision with a gas tanker trunk.

Kevin Hart An American Comedian And Actor
Kevin Hart An American Comedian And Actor (Source: Instagram)

Hart was arrested around 4:30 a.m. after being pursued by CHP officers. He eventually pulled over at the Haskell Avenue exit, where he displayed signs of intoxication and failed field sobriety tests.

Hart was then transported and booked into LAPD’s Valley Jail in Van Nuys at 5:59 a.m., subsequently released on a $5,000 bond at 1:19 p.m., with a court date set for May 9.

In the aftermath of the 2013 incident, Hart was sentenced to three years of probation. This past DUI incident, where Hart openly admitted to being intoxicated, serves as a crucial context to recent rumors.

While his initial response on Twitter seemed light-hearted, he later underscored the seriousness of drinking and driving, calling the incident a “wake-up call.”

As fans speculate on the authenticity of the recent arrest claims, it is crucial to distinguish between the past DUI incident and the current situation which is not true.

Kevin Hart’s Legal Battle: TRO Denied in Lawsuit Against TashaK

Comedian Kevin Hart’s legal woes continue as Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Mitchell L. Beckloff denies his request for an emergency temporary restraining order (TRO) against celebrity blogger Latasha “TashaK” Kebe.

This latest development stems from an interview Kebe conducted with Hart’s former assistant, Miesha Shakes, which Hart’s team decried as “defamatory.”

During the recent court hearing, Judge Beckloff underscored a significant omission in Hart’s petition – the absence of a transcript from the hour-and-a-half interview hosted on Kebe’s website.

Hart’s attorney, Donte Mills, acknowledged having the transcript but hesitated to file it publicly, expressing concerns about undermining the TRO’s purpose.

Kevin Hart Denied Emergency Restraining Order In Lawsuit Against TashaK
Kevin Hart Denied Emergency Restraining Order In Lawsuit Against TashaK (Source: Instagram)

Despite arguments from Hart’s legal team, Judge Beckloff suggested submitting the transcript under seal or filing a separate motion for a preliminary injunction.

This legal development is part of a broader battle, including a December lawsuit against Shakes and Kebe, alleging extortion, breach of contract, invasion of privacy, and defamation.

Hart’s legal team contends that the interview is part of a shakedown attempt, emphasizing illegal statements made by the speakers as defamatory and extortionate.

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