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JOP Arrested 2024: Why Was He Detained? Explore Details

Jesus Ortiz Paz, also known as JOP, was arrested in Mexicali, Baja California, with reports indicating accusations of attempting to carry marijuana into Mexican territory.

Musician Jesus Ortiz Paz, who goes by the stage name JOP, is renowned as the frontman and main vocalist of the well-established Mexican regional band “Fuerza Regida.”

Their music has become a sensation in Mexico and is simultaneously making a substantial mark on the American charts. Khrystian Ramos, Samuel Jaimez, José “Pelón” García, and Moisés López are the other members of the band.

Having been formed in 2017, the band has released eight albums. Their 2019 album “Del Barrio Hasta Aqui,” debuted at number one on the Regional Mexican Charts.

JOP Along With Fuerza Regida Band Members
JOP Along With Fuerza Regida Band Members (Source: Yahoo)

With an astounding 300 million streams on YouTube and Spotify, their standout track ‘Sigo Chambeando,’ released in 2018, reigns as their most popular song.

JOP has included some of the band’s songs, like “Disculpe Usted” and “El Manuelito,” on his YouTube account (@JesusOrtiz). His channel has amassed over 948K subscribers and showcases over 200 videos.

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JOP Arrested 2024: Why Was He Detained?

JOP, whose real name is Jesus Ortiz Paz, was arrested in Mexicali, Baja California, on February 4th, 2024.

Reports from the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) suggest he is accused of attempting to enter Mexican territory from the USA while carrying marijuana.

He was detained alongside other singers and composers of corridos tumbados identified as Édgar Eduardo ‘N’, Ángel Eduardo ‘N’, and José Francisco ‘N’.

JOP was detained by the police officials in the border city of Mexicali. The singer attempted to pass through customs at Garita Uno, also recognized as Garita Centro, in Mexicali, accompanied by his companions.

Mexican Singer, JOP Was Arrested In Mexicali
Mexican Singer, JOP Was Arrested In Mexicali (Source: Instagram)

The quantity of drugs that might have been seized remains unclear. According to sources, the Mexican artist was taken “to the facilities of the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic.”

JOP was reportedly approached by agents of the National Guard who allegedly noticed him carrying a substance distributed in cigarettes and plastic bags, along with a jar containing marijuana.

Ortiz’s arrest was made on charges of crimes against health, specifically for the illegal introduction of narcotics, resulting in his custody by the FGR.

He is awaiting the determination of his legal situation by the relevant authorities.

Previously, following a concert in July 2023, JOP was handcuffed and detained on a weapons charge and was sent to the LAPD station alongside singers Chino Pacas and Calle 24.

However, reports indicated that two hours later, JOP, Chino Pacas, and Calle 24 were released from custody without any arrests or charges.

Additionally, back in May 2019, the singer was detained amid accusations of police abuse of power in San Bernardino, California. Authorities were summoned due to complaints about a house playing excessively loud music.

JOP Family & Age

JOP, whose birth name is Jesus Ortiz Paz, was born on May 13th, 1997, making him 26 as of 2024.

Born in Sinaloa, Mexico, he was raised in San Bernardino, California. His nationality is Mexican-American, and his ethnic heritage is Latino, passed down from his parents.

Jesus Ortiz Paz’s parents are Felipe Ortiz Paz and Lucia Ortiz Paz. The proud father and mother are the biggest supporters of their son’s musical career.

JOP's Parents Are Very Supportive Towards His Music Career
JOP’s Parents Are Very Supportive Towards His Music Career (Source: Facebook)

Regarding the profession of the musician’s parents, the specifics have not been revealed to the public. Nonetheless, Paz’s mom and dad occasionally appear in his Instagram stories.

Not much information is readily accessible regarding his childhood experiences. Nonetheless, it is understood that his family moved to the United States during his early years and settled in California.

Moreover, he maintains a close bond with his parents, who have wholeheartedly supported his career. Additionally, it remains unclear if Jesus Ortiz Paz has any siblings.

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