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Did Kevin Hart Wear A Dress? Katt Williams Takes Shot At Comedians

Did Kevin Hart Wear A Dress? On Wednesday, January 3rd, Katt Williams stirred up a storm with his candid remarks on “Club Shay Shay,” targeting several fellow comedians.

Responding to the verbal onslaught, Michael Blackson swiftly took to Twitter to express his thoughts on the matter.

In the wake of the online uproar, Kevin Hart seized the opportunity to join the conversation, injecting a dash of humor while also plugging his upcoming film.

Did Kevin Hart Wear A Dress
Kevin Hart Wearing A “Dress” (Source: YouTube)

Time to release that inner champ and let go of the anger, my friend. It’s genuinely disheartening,” tweeted the Philly star.

“While we navigate through this, treat yourself to a sneak peek of my upcoming Netflix film, ‘Lift,’ dropping in just eight days! In one memorable scene, [Gugu Mbatha-Raw] says, ‘They really love you.’ Turns out she was talking about Katt (laughs).”

Did Kevin Hart Wear A Dress?

The rift between Katt Williams and Kevin Hart can be traced back to a heated exchange in 2018, revolving around Katt’s critical comments about Tiffany Haddish.

Kevin, during an appearance on the Breakfast Club, vented his frustration with Katt, stating, “My issue with Katt Williams stems from consistently blaming Hollywood, ‘Hollywood and the white man, this, this, and this.'”

He continued, “When do you take accountability for your own actions? You had the chance, you were the guy. Have you ever used your platform to uplift those coming up behind you? No, you haven’t. So, don’t criticize those who are doing it now.”

In response, Katt took to Instagram to address the Fatherhood actor, saying, “Kevin’s been pretending he’s on a world tour, but that guy has been everywhere but here. He’s all over Saskatchewan, doing 19 shows in Russia. Heading to Brazil for a gig, anywhere but these neighborhoods for a show.”

Katt Williams took his critique of Kevin Hart a step further by referencing the infamous claim that Kevin wore a dress, suggesting a symbolic connection to selling one’s soul to the devil in the entertainment industry.

Katt Williams And Kevin Hart (Source: The Shade Room)

According to this theory, donning a dress becomes a sign of being under sinister influence.

“He’s (Kevin Hart) off making $85 million while I’m not making $85 million, but it’s all good.

“I don’t mind making $1 million a month and keeping my soul.”

This notion of industry figures being compelled to wear dresses as a symbolic gesture is not unique to Katt; others have expressed similar sentiments.

Dave Chappelle, in a more humorous vein, once quipped about his decision to avoid wearing a dress, jokingly stating that this choice led to his supposed cancellation.

These comments shed light on the peculiar and, at times, conspiratorial beliefs that circulate within the entertainment industry, with individuals like Katt Williams and Dave Chappelle offering their perspectives, be it serious or laced with humor.

What Is Going On With Katt Williams Talking About Kevin Hart Wearing A Dress And The Illuminati?

The longstanding feud between Katt Williams and Kevin Hart has taken an intriguing turn.

In the past, Katt brought attention to Kevin Hart wearing a dress, implying a connection to the Illuminati.

In a somewhat meandering conversation, Katt hinted that Hart’s act of donning a dress was a nod to his understanding of Illuminati symbolism.

He went on to claim that resisting or opposing the Illuminati’s alleged influence results in severe consequences, citing personal experiences of being metaphorically “stoned” and “punched a thousand times.”

Dave Chappelle In An Interview With Oprah (Source: Chappelle’s Story)

Moreover, Katt drew a parallel with Dave Chappelle, suggesting that Chappelle’s likability stems from not being associated with the Illuminati.

Katt asserted that both he and Chappelle were not aligned with the secretive group, emphasizing that the Illuminati doesn’t favor individuals like them.

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