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Trick Daddy Parents: Father Charles Young & Mother Pearl Brockington- Brother Hollywood

Trick Daddy, an American rapper, was born to parents Pearl Brockington and Charles Young on September 27, 1974.

He made a notable appearance on the track “Scarred” by former 2 Live Crew member Luther “Luke” Campbell, produced by Darren “DJ Spin” Rudnick, which was featured on Luke’s 1996 album “Uncle Luke.”

The song quickly gained traction and garnered attention from fans and industry professionals alike.

Following the success of “Scarred,” Trick Daddy caught the eye of Ted Lucas, the former concert promoter and CEO of Slip-n-Slide Records at the time.

Lucas signed the rapper to Slip-n-Slide Records, which was a newly formed record label at that time.

Trick Daddy Parents: Trick Daddy, An American Rapper
Trick Daddy, An American Rapper (Source: Instagram)

Under Slip-n-Slide Records, Trick Daddy released his debut album titled “Based on a True Story” in 1997.

The album received significant popularity, particularly in the Miami area, establishing Trick Daddy as a rising talent in the hip-hop scene.

Trick Daddy is most recognized for his 2003 hit single “Let’s Go,” featuring Twista and Lil Jon, which reached number seven on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

His album “Thug Matrimony: Married to the Streets” (2004), preceded by this single, peaked at number two on the Billboard 200 albums chart, marking his most successful releases to date.

As the flagship artist for the label, he later secured a joint venture deal with Atlantic Records, releasing albums such as “Book of Thugs: Chapter AK Verse 47” (2000), “Thugs Are Us” (2001), and “Thug Holiday” (2002), which achieved moderate commercial success.

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Trick Daddy Parents: Father Charles Young & Mother Pearl Brockington

Trick Daddy was born Maurice Samuel Young on September 27, 1974. He hails from the Liberty City neighborhood of Miami, Florida.

He has gained prominence in hip-hop for his distinct Southern style and raw lyrical delivery.

Rapper Trick Daddy was born to Charles Young and Pearl Brockington at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami.

He has often spoken about his challenging upbringing, describing it as troublesome. He has shared that he grew up in a large family with over ten half-siblings.

Raised by his mother, Pearl Brockington of South Carolina, who had children with ten different partners, Trick Daddy experienced the complexities of navigating a fragmented family dynamic.

Trick Daddy Parents: Trick Daddy With His Father Charles Young
Trick Daddy With His Father Charles Young (Source: X)

Maurice, along with his siblings, were raised in the Liberty Square apartment complex in Liberty City after relocating from Goulds, Florida.

He grew up in a housing project colloquially called “Pork-N-Beans,” named after the color of the apartment doors in the building where he resided.

Coming from such a background and living in a dangerous environment, Trick Daddy learned to navigate adversity early on.

He developed a resilience and determination to overcome obstacles, shaping his mindset and life approach.

As for his father, Charles Young, he was a local pimp.

Who Was Trick Daddy’s Brother, Hollywood?

During Trick Daddy’s teenage years, his father, Charles Young, took him and his brother Derek “Hollywood” Harris to live with him.

It was during this time that Trick and Hollywood became involved in dealing crack cocaine on the streets.

At the age of 15, Trick Daddy faced legal trouble when he was arrested for drug and firearm possession.

Trick Daddy Parents: Trick Daddy's Brother Hollywood
Trick Daddy’s Brother Hollywood (Source: YouTube)

Shortly after his release, he was arrested again, this time on an attempted murder charge stemming from a street fight during which he shot a man.

He was convicted and sentenced to prison at the age of 20. Tragically, his brother Hollywood was murdered the same year.

After serving his time in prison, Trick Daddy received advice from Ted Lucas, the founder of Slip-N-Slide Records, to focus on pursuing a rap career and leave the streets behind.

This guidance marked a turning point for Trick Daddy, leading him to channel his energy and talent into music rather than street life.

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