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Wilbur Soot Controversy: Ex-Girlfriend Abuse Allegations- Drama & Apology

Wilbur Soot, an English Twitch streamer and YouTuber, faced controversy over abuse allegations by ex-girlfriend Shubble.

Wilbur Soot, born William Gold in 1996, is a prominent English Twitch streamer, YouTuber, and musician.

Co-founder of the SootHouse YouTube channel, he later launched his own, Wilbur Soot, amassing 6.31 million YouTube subscribers and 4.8 million Twitch followers.

Active on The Dream SMP Minecraft server, Wilbur founded the fictional nation of L’Manberg and became a lead writer.

In music, he released comedic and serious content on YouTube, including the EP “Maybe I Was Boring” and the debut album “Your City Gave Me Asthma.” His single “Your New Boyfriend” peaked at No. 64 on the UK Singles Chart.

Wilbur Soot An English Internet Personality
Wilbur Soot An English Internet Personality (Source: Instagram)

Co-founding the indie rock band Lovejoy in 2021, they found success with EPs like “Pebble Brain” and “Wake Up & It’s Over.”

In 2023, Wilbur released his second solo studio album, “Mammalian Sighing Reflex.”

He co-authored the book “TommyInnit Says…The Quote Book” with TommyInnit, donating proceeds to the Sarcoma Foundation of America in memory of Technoblade.

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Wilbur Soot Controversy: Ex-Girlfriend Abuse Allegations

Popular YouTuber and musician, Wilbur Soot, has found himself at the center of controversy following abuse allegations made by his ex-girlfriend, Shelby Grace, known as Shubble.

In a Twitch stream on February 24, Shubble detailed a past relationship where she claimed to have experienced physical abuse, including biting and bruises.

Although she did not explicitly name Wilbur Soot, fans quickly connected the dots due to their previous relationship and Wilbur’s public acknowledgment of being a “biter.”

Wilbur Soot Ex-Girlfriend
Wilbur Soot Ex-Girlfriend (Source: Pinterest)

Shubble described instances where her ex-boyfriend would bite her, leaving bruises, and even poke them for amusement despite her pleas. She expressed that it took time for her to recognize the relationship as abusive.

The revelation stirred reactions online, with many speculating that Wilbur Soot was the subject of her allegations.

Wilbur Soot Controversy- Drama & Apology

Responding to the allegations, Wilbur Soot took to X (formerly Twitter) on February 27 to address the situation.

In a statement, he expressed shock at the abuse claims, particularly regarding biting, and emphasized his belief that the acts were consensual and playful based on their conversations.

Wilbur admitted to disrespectful and selfish behavior during the final months of the relationship, leading him to seek therapy and make lifestyle changes.

However, internet users were quick to criticize Wilbur’s statement, accusing him of downplaying the severity of the situation and lacking true remorse.

Wilbur Soot A Youtuber And Musician
Wilbur Soot A Youtuber And Musician (Source: Instagram)

Some pointed out that he seemed more concerned about the public discussion than Shubble’s well-being.

Despite his apology, Shubble responded on Twitter, stating that she did not accept his apology and needed some time away from social media.

The controversy has ignited a heated online discussion, with fans expressing their opinions on the matter.

Many are scrutinizing both sides of the story, highlighting the importance of addressing abuse allegations responsibly.

As the situation unfolds, it remains to be seen how Wilbur Soot and Shubble will navigate the aftermath of these serious accusations.

The controversy serves as a reminder of the complexities surrounding public figures’ personal lives and the impact of social media in amplifying such disputes.

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