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Acelino Freitas Wife Elena Freitas: Kids, Parents, & Family

Acelino Freitas, the father of six children, wedded his wife Eliana Freitas in 2001 but parted ways in 2003.

Acelino Freitas, a former professional boxer and Brazilian politician, engaged in competitive matches from 1995 to 2017.

Holding titles in two weight classes, he was the WBO super featherweight champion from 1999 to 2004 and the WBA (Unified) super featherweight champion from 2002 to 2004. He also secured the WBO lightweight title twice between 2004 and 2007.

Brazilian Boxer, Acelino Freitas
Brazilian Boxer, Acelino Freitas (Source: Instagram)

Following his retirement, he ventured into politics and served as a legislator for Bahia from 2011 to 2014. He then affiliated with the Brazilian Republican Party and was appointed Secretary of Sports in Salvador.

Acelino Freitas caught attention in 2024 as he dressed up as Chimarrão for his performance on “The Masked Singer Brasil,” a popular reality singing contest.

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Acelino Freitas Wife Elena Freitas & Kids

Acelino Freitas, a renowned boxer and public figure, has led a complex personal life marked by marriage, divorce, and fatherhood.

His journey through relationships began in 2001 when he exchanged vows with Eliana Freitas.

Despite the public eye on their union, little was disclosed about the intricacies of their marriage.

Acelino Freitas With His Wife, Elena Freitas And Their Son
Acelino Freitas With His Wife, Elena Freitas And Their Son (Soure: Ofuxico)

Details regarding Acelino Freitas’ wife, Elena Freitas, including her profession, age, and whereabouts, remain undisclosed to the public. Her personal life has largely remained out of the spotlight, shrouded in privacy.

The specifics of her identity and endeavors remain a mystery, leaving much to the imagination of those curious about the woman behind the public figure.

Eliana, witnessing Acelino’s career highs and the inherent dangers of his profession, often found herself in moments of anxiety, particularly during his fights, such as his memorable knockout victory over Juan Carlos Ramirez.

However, the bond between Acelino and Eliana faltered, leading to their divorce in 2003, a decision shrouded in undisclosed reasons.

Despite the end of their marriage, their union bore fruit in the form of a child.

Acelino’s family expanded beyond Eliana with the inclusion of his son, adding another layer to his familial responsibilities.

Following his divorce from Eliana, Acelino remained solitary for nearly two decades until he found companionship again.

In a moment of love amidst a global pandemic, Acelino tied the knot with Emilene Juarez, his present wife.

He is additionally the proud father of five kids, Rafael (b. 1993), Igor (b. 1996), Iago (b. 1997), Gustavo (b. 1998), and Juan (b. 1998), with the identities of their respective mothers yet to be revealed.

Acelino Freitas Parents & Family

Acelino Freitas, born on 21 September 1975 in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, emerged from humble beginnings that shaped his resilience and determination.

He was the youngest of two children, with an older brother, Luis Claudio Freitas, with whom he shared a profound familial bond.

Acelino has not disclosed his parents’ professions. However, it is known that his father passed away due to cancer in 2002.

Growing up amidst severe poverty, Freitas experienced the harsh realities of life, often sleeping on the sandy floor of his small home.

Acelino Freitas Holds A Boxing Record Of 41 Victories And 2 Defeats (Source: Facebook)

Reflecting on his upbringing, he described a home that was merely 35 square feet, inadequate for the five inhabitants, with no bathroom.

Hunger and destitution were constants, but amidst these challenges, boxing became his unexpected beacon of hope.

Freitas often remarked that he didn’t choose boxing; rather, it chose him, a divine calling that lifted him from the depths of poverty.

From his early years, he harbored aspirations of providing a better life for his family, a vision that fueled his relentless pursuit of success.

Despite the adversity he faced, he found inspiration in Brazilian boxing legend Eder Jofre, whose achievements served as a guiding light in Freitas’s journey.

Moreover, his older brother played a pivotal role in shaping his boxing career, serving as a source of motivation and influence.

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