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Glass Beach Band Controversy: What Lyrics Alarmed The Disabled Community?

The music world is abuzz with controversy following Glass Beach Band’s album release of “Plastic Death.”

Glass Beach band, an indie rock act originating in Los Angeles, experiments with a mix of punk, math rock, and jazz influences in their music. The band credits Jeff Rosenstock, They Might Be Giants, and The Brave Little Abacus for shaping their musical direction.

Lead singer J McClendon’s time at the University of Minnesota Morris in 2015 marked the beginning of a friendship with Jonas Newhouse and William White, leading to the creation of Glass Beach.

Glass Beach Band Members
Glass Beach Band Members (Source: Getalternative)

Their debut album, “The First Glass Beach Album,” which took three years to create, was launched via Run for Cover Records on May 18, 2019.

Following their debut album, the band expanded their discography with several singles and a remix album. The band’s latest album, “Plastic Death,” produced by Will Yip, dropped on January 19, 2024.

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Glass Beach Band Controversy

The release of “Plastic Death” by Glass Beach Band has sparked controversy within the music community.

Post-release, Reddit users expressed disappointment with the album “Plastic Death.” One user expressed:

I’m a bit disappointed over the release of Plastic Death, I was incredibly excited for Plastic Death before it released. TFGBA is literally my favorite album of all time, so my hopes were high, but reasonable. Anyways, I just got the time to listen to the album and… I didn’t really like it. “Further added, “I can’t help but feel each song blends with the others too much, and it ends up feeling very monotonous.”

Subsequently, a user raised concerns about Reddit users’ dissatisfaction with the album. He wrote:

why are the reddit users so dissappointed at the album? they keep comparing it to TFGBA and its so stupid. Its not supposed to be like tfgba in the slightest, its completly different and its PEAK; PERFECTION; AOTY.”

In The New Album Plastic Death, The Creature Depicted On The Cover Art Of The Album
In The New Album Plastic Death, The Creature Depicted On The Cover Art Of The Album (Source: Instagram)

While there have been mixed opinions, there are also fans who appreciate the album. Another user commented:

I f****ng obsessed over the debut. Like listening to it for a couple weeks straight and not listening to anything else. So with the context of how much I loved the first record. This album is LEAPS AND BOUNDS above the debut, and I will probably never shut up about the record.

Released on January 19, 2024, Glass Beach’s second album, “Plastic Death,” is a follow-up record that was in development for nearly five years. On October 11, 2023, the album’s lead single, “the CIA,” debuted, followed by “rare animal” on November 6.

J McClendon, along with lead guitarist Layne Smith, bassist Jonas Newhouse, and drummer William White, crafts music that defies categorization, drawing inspiration from indie rock, jazz, prog, hardcore, metal, and experimental genres.

Songs like the lead single “the CIA” underscore the band’s bold songwriting approach. It’s a dynamic fusion of dark, dancy post-punk and jazz elements, skillfully interwoven with synth arrangements and rich guitar tones.

McClendon portrays “Plastic Death” as reminiscent of the Pacific garbage patch—a fusion of cultural remnants seemingly adrift yet strangely harmonious.

Nevertheless, the album stands as a complete, uncompromising, and whimsical masterpiece; every facet of its 13 tracks, from composition to sonic exploration, is alive with intention and curiosity.

What Lyrics Alarmed The Disabled Community?

In response to Glass Beach’s album “Plastic Death,” a Reddit user provided an insightful perspective from the disabled community, highlighting the barriers they encounter in accessing music.

With a track record of standing by Glass Beach and contending with a hearing impairment, the user felt profoundly disappointed to find that Spotify lacked linked lyrics.

Their initial anticipation for the album was overshadowed by a deep sense of devastation as they realized they no longer felt welcome in a community that had once embraced them.

Glass Beach Band Members Photographed In Greater Portland
Glass Beach Band Members Photographed In Greater Portland (Source: Getalternative)

Even with the widespread praise for the album’s lyrics, the user discovered themselves incapable of embracing the joy due to the limitations posed by their disability.

With courage, they stepped up, emphasizing the significance of inclusivity in the music community and offering their perspective as a disabled individual.

The user’s honest reflection reveals a desire to be understood in a once-comforting space, not to criticize Glass Beach or its fans but to shed light on challenges disabled individuals encounter in music enjoyment.

Despite facing challenges, the user admired J’s talent as a singer and songwriter and looked forward to a more inclusive community.

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