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Who Is Jaleel White Daughter, Samaya? Is He Still With His Baby Mamma Bridget Hardy?

Jaleel White, the American actor, producer, and writer, is a father to Samaya with his ex-girlfriend Bridget Hardy.

Jaleel Ahmad White, born November 27, 1976, is an American actor best known for his iconic role as Steve Urkel on the sitcom Family Matters.

Originally intended as a one-time appearance, White’s portrayal became iconic, earning him recognition and a regular cast position. He faced challenges breaking away from the character post-series.

Jaleel White An American Actor
Jaleel White An American Actor (Source: Instagram)

Starting his acting journey at age three, White continued with roles in Grown Ups (1999–2000) and diverse TV appearances.

Notably, he was the original voice of Sonic the Hedgehog in the ’90s animated series.

After a hiatus from education, graduating from UCLA in 2001, White returned to acting with roles in Dreamgirls (2006), Total Blackout host (2012), and Dancing with the Stars contestant (2012).

In 2020, he had a recurring role in Netflix’s The Big Show Show and ventured into the cannabis industry in 2021.

White’s career showcases versatility, from beloved sitcom characters to voice acting and hosting, reflecting his enduring impact on the entertainment industry.

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Who Is Jaleel White Daughter, Samaya?

Samaya White, born in 2009 in Los Angeles, is the esteemed daughter of the well-known American actor, Jaleel White.

At the age of 14, she stands at 5 feet 2 inches, weighing approximately 54 kg. Samaya, sharing a strong resemblance to her father, sports black hair and brown eyes.

Despite her young age, Samaya has become a noticeable presence in the public eye, thanks to heartwarming moments captured on her father’s Instagram. As a student navigating her teenage years, she enjoys a close bond with Jaleel.

Jaleel White Daughter Samaya White
Jaleel White Daughter Samaya White (Source: Instagram)

Samaya’s parents, Jaleel White and Bridget Hardy met in 2006 during a film project and later welcomed Samaya into the world.

Despite their separation, Jaleel and Bridget have embraced co-parenting responsibilities, ensuring a supportive environment for their daughter.

While details about Samaya’s net worth remain private, her father, Jaleel White, is estimated to have a net worth of $8 million.

Is He Still With His Baby Mamma Bridget Hardy?

Born on January 3, 1981, in Marica, United States, Bridget is a 42-year-old former actress. The couple, who never married, started dating in 2006 and experienced a highly publicized breakup in 2010.

The couple’s daughter, Samaya White, born in 2009, became a focal point of their post-breakup discussions.

Jaleel White’s relationship with Bridget Hardy was a media sensation, captivating fans with their once-incredible love story.

Custody arrangements were settled in court, leading to a joint custody agreement and child support payments from Jaleel.

Jaleel White With His Daughter And Baby Mamma Bridget Hardy
Jaleel White With His Daughter And Baby Mamma Bridget Hardy (Source: AmoMama)

Controversy arose in 2012 when Bridget Hardy accused Jaleel of physical and verbal abuse during their relationship.

Jaleel vehemently denied the allegations, emphasizing their past had its ups and downs, but he had never engaged in any abusive behavior. He suggested that the accusations were financially motivated.

Bridget’s career as an actress included minor roles in TV films such as “HMS Pinafore” and “The Pirates of Penzance.”

Despite once being in the limelight, Bridget has maintained a private life, keeping details about her current endeavors largely undisclosed.

However, Samaya White, the daughter of Jaleel White and Bridget Hardy, continues to navigate adolescence with grace, supported by her devoted parents.

The intricacies of Jaleel and Bridget’s past relationship have added layers to their public personas, leaving fans intrigued by the unfolding chapters of their lives.

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