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Who Is Jade Frampton, Peter Frampton Daughter? Son Julian Frampton

Peter Frampton daughter, Jade Frampton, serves as Editorial Director at ShopBAZAAR in Harper’s Bazaar, making her a notable figure in the fashion industry.

Peter Frampton, born April 22, 1950, is an English American guitarist, singer, and songwriter renowned for his influential career in rock music.

Initially rising with bands like The Herd and Humble Pie, Frampton achieved solo stardom with his 1976 live album, “Frampton Comes Alive!

Peter Frampton An English American Guitarist, Singer And Songwriter
Peter Frampton An English American Guitarist, Singer And Songwriter (Source: Spotify)

Featuring hits like “Show Me the Way” and “Baby, I Love Your Way,” it became a cultural phenomenon.

Beginning his musical journey as a teenage guitarist for The Herd, Frampton co-founded Humble Pie in 1969 before venturing into a solo career in 1971.

Despite setbacks, including a pivotal 1978 car accident, Frampton contributed to the music landscape, collaborating with industry legends like David Bowie.

In 2019, due to inclusion body myositis (IBM), he announced retirement from touring but remains active in music, releasing “All Blues” (2019) and persisting with his “Finale, the Farewell Tour.”

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Peter Frampton Daughter Jade Frampton

Jade Frampton, is a daughter of Peter Frampton and his second wife Barbara Gold (1983-1993). They also have a son named Julian Frampton.

As mentioned earlier, Peter Frampton’s daughter is a notable figure in the fashion and media world who started her journey as a fashion assistant at Magazine (Feb 2006-Apr 2008).

The Kent State University graduate then served as market editor, senior market editor, and executive market editor at ELLE Magazine in New York.

Currently, Jade Frampton is an editorial director-at-large, ShopBAZAAR at Harper’s Bazaar.

Peter Frampton With His Daughter Jade Frampton
Peter Frampton With His Daughter Jade Frampton (Source: X)

Moving to Peter Frampton daughter’s personal life, Jade is happily married and leading a blissful life with her husband and child.

She tied the knot with Samuel Homburger, an advertising account director at The New Yorker on January 10, 2015.

The couple recently completed nine years together and are proud parents of a child. Their daughter, Elle Frampton Homburger was born on April 6, 2020.

Jade’s journey reflects her commitment to the fashion industry while celebrating the joys of motherhood.

Peter Frampton Son Julian Frampton

Julian Frampton, son of legendary guitarist Peter Frampton, is carving his path in the music world.

Growing up surrounded by music, Julian began playing guitar at 12 and released his debut album, “Explain,” in 2014, showcasing his guitar skills and lyrical talent.

He has since continued his musical journey, performing at festivals and releasing singles like “Simple Life.”

Despite the shadow of his famous father, Julian has earned recognition for his individuality and commitment to his craft.

Peter Frampton With His Son Julian Frampton
Peter Frampton With His Son Julian Frampton (Source: Instagram)

He credits Peter’s influence for shaping his passion for music. The eldest of Peter’s three children, Julian has performed alongside his father, including a memorable appearance on The Ellen Show in 2007.

Peter’s children, including actress and singer Mia Rose and multi-talented Jade, have each pursued their unique paths while maintaining a love for music.

Peter has been married thrice and continues to support and take pride in his children’s diverse accomplishments.

In 2024, Peter Frampton and Joe Bonamassa joined forces to reinvent Humble Pie’s classic “Four Day Creep,” creating a musical masterpiece that bridges generations.

With upcoming tours, these rock legends continue to embody the timeless spirit of rock ‘n’ roll.

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