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Thomas Kingston Net Worth: How Rich Was The Husband of Lady Gabriella Kingston At The Time Of His Passing?

Thomas Kingston net worth remains undisclosed even after his passing, leaving his financial status unclear and prompting speculation about the extent of his wealth and assets.

Thomas Kingston, known professionally as a financier, gained fame through his marriage to Lady Gabriella Windsor, the daughter of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent.

Thomas dedicated his expertise to frontier market investment while concurrently serving as the director of Devonport Capital.

Moreover, he had experience in the Diplomatic Missions Unit of the United Kingdom’s Foreign Office and spent nearly three years in Baghdad as a project officer for the Iraqi Institute of Peace.

British Financier, Thomas Kingston
British Financier, Thomas Kingston (Source: Vanityfair)

Transitioning into finance, he began his professional endeavors as an equity analyst at Schroders, a global asset management firm. He later assumed the role of managing director at Voltan Capital Management until April 2017.

On Sunday night, February 25, 2024, Thomas Kingston was found dead. Buckingham Palace stunned the public with the announcement on Tuesday evening, February 27, 2024, confirming Mr. Kingston’s demise at a site in Gloucestershire.

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Thomas Kingston Net Worth

Thomas Kingston, being married to Lady Gabriella Windsor, invites speculation regarding his net worth and financial portfolio upon his death.

The precise net worth of Thomas Kingston remains undisclosed despite his career in finance, suggesting he may have amassed considerable wealth.

It is assumed that his net worth was around $1 million, reflecting his financial status at the time of his passing. According to credible reports, including networthpost.org, his net worth was recorded at $900,000, offering a glimpse into his financial assets.

Thomas Kingston's Exact Net Worth Is Still To Get Disclosed
Thomas Kingston’s Exact Net Worth Is Still To Get Disclosed (Source: Seher)

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Economic History from Bristol University and holding the esteemed credential of Chartered Financial Analyst, he embarked on a multifaceted journey exploring the realms of diplomacy, finance, and conflict resolution.

Entering the realm of financial services, he refined his skills as an equity analyst at Schroders before progressing to the prestigious position of Managing Director at Voltan Capital Management.

Although the exact details of his earnings at Voltan Capital Management are kept confidential, industry observations indicate that a position of this nature might warrant an annual compensation between $150,000 to $200,000.

Before his death, he undertook the role of Non-Executive Director at Devonport Capital, contributing to his varied portfolio of professional endeavors.

Despite Kingston’s net worth remaining undisclosed, his philanthropic efforts and charitable contributions are widely acknowledged.

His impactful charitable contributions, notably supporting the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE), demonstrate the depth of his generosity.

His dedication to the DofE, spanning borders, empowered young individuals globally, while his involvement in mental health advocacy in Sheffield underscored his commitment to societal well-being.

While Thomas’ exact net worth was undisclosed, his career in finance coupled with his marriage to a member of the Royal Family suggests he likely accumulated substantial wealth.

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Thomas Kingston’s Wife & Kids

Thomas Kingston, a married man to Lady Gabriella Kingston, exchanged vows in the grandeur of St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, on 18 May 2019, a ceremony graced by the presence of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Despite their lavish wedding, the couple chose to forgo parenthood, and they did not have any kids.

Thomas and Lady Gabriella’s engagement blossomed on the tranquil Isle of Sark in August 2018, heralding a journey of love and commitment.

Thomas Kingston Married His Wife Lady Gabriella Kingston On 18 May 2019
Thomas Kingston Married His Wife Lady Gabriella Kingston On 18 May 2019 (Source: Telegraph)

On 19 September 2018, Buckingham Palace formally announced their engagement, igniting a wave of happiness and congratulations.

Lady Gabriella Kingston, wife of Thomas Kingston and daughter of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent, pursued a career as a British writer and contributing editor.

Her writings have been featured in various publications, such as the Sunday Telegraph, the Evening Standard, Country Life, The Spectator, and the Spanish version of Hello!

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