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Kenneth Mitchell Net Worth: How Rich Was The Canadian Actor At The Time Of His Death? Cause of Death

Kenneth Mitchell, the late Canadian actor, had an estimated net worth of $1.4 million.

Kenneth Mitchell, born on November 25, 1974, was a prolific Canadian actor known for his versatile and impactful career in both television and film.

Mitchell’s breakthrough came with his role as Eric Green in the CBS television series Jericho (2006–2008). Despite the initial cancellation, a fervent fan campaign led to the show’s revival for the 2007–08 season.

His involvement in the Star Trek franchise, particularly in Star Trek: Discovery (2017–2021), further solidified his standing in the sci-fi genre.

Kenneth Mitchell A Canadian Actor
Kenneth Mitchell A Canadian Actor (Source: Instagram)

In film, Mitchell left a lasting impression with his role as Ralph Cox in Miracle (2004) and as Joseph Danvers in Captain Marvel (2019).

The actor’s television career included notable appearances in Grey’s Anatomy, Ghost Whisperer, and The Astronaut Wives Club.

Mitchell’s passing on February 24, 2024, marked the end of a remarkable career, but his impact on the world of television and film will endure.

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Kenneth Mitchell Net Worth: How Rich Was The Canadian Actor At The Time Of His Death?

Canadian actor Kenneth Mitchell, renowned for his memorable role as Eric Green on CBS’s Jericho, had a prolific career with recurring roles in Ghost Whisperer, Switched at Birth, Leap Years, and Odyssey 5.

Mitchell’s journey to fame began after transitioning from being a collegiate soccer player to a landscape architecture student at the University of Guelph.

Inspired by his experiences at Ontario’s Kilcoo Camp, Mitchell ventured into the performing arts.

Kenneth Mitchell Net Worth Is Estimated To Be $1.4 Million
Kenneth Mitchell Net Worth Is Estimated To Be $1.4 Million (Source: Instagram)

As of 2024, Kenneth Mitchell’s net worth is estimated to be $1.4 million. His successful screen career, marked by versatile performances, contributed to both acclaim and financial success.

Married to American actress Susan May Pratt, Mitchell and his wife welcomed a daughter named Lilah in 2007.

Despite being diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), the actor continued his acting career, incorporating his real-life challenges into roles.

Mitchell’s legacy goes beyond his net worth; it encapsulates a career marked by versatility, resilience, and dedication to his craft.

Kenneth Mitchell Cause of Death

Kenneth Mitchell, the talented actor known for his roles in “Star Trek: Discovery” and “Jericho,” succumbed to complications related to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) on February 24, 2024, at the age of 49.

The announcement of Mitchell’s passing came through a statement on his verified Instagram page, expressing profound sorrow for the loss of a beloved father, husband, brother, uncle, son, and friend.

Mitchell’s battle with ALS, a rare and debilitating nervous system disease, began in 2018 when he received the diagnosis after experiencing muscle twitches.

In an interview with People in 2020, he revealed his shock and disbelief upon learning about the terminal illness, likening it to a scene from a movie.

Kenneth Mitchell Passed Away At The Age Of 49
Kenneth Mitchell Passed Away At The Age Of 49 (Source: Instagram)

Despite the challenges posed by the disease, Mitchell continued to pursue his passion for acting, notably featuring in “Star Trek: Discovery” and “The Old Man.”

Throughout his five and a half years facing ALS, Mitchell demonstrated remarkable resilience and a commitment to living life to the fullest.

In an Instagram post in 2021, he expressed gratitude for the inclusion of his character Aurellio, who used a hovercraft chair, emphasizing the importance of recognizing possibilities and abilities despite disabilities.

Kenneth Mitchell’s cause of death was directly attributed to complications arising from the progression of ALS.

His life and career serve as an inspiration, showcasing strength, positivity, and dedication to embracing every moment despite the challenges of a relentless illness.

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