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Is Clara Chia Pregnant? Gerard Pique Girlfriend Wikipedia & Age

Suspicion about Clara Chia pregnant has been circulating around the internet. She has been in the spotlight since she was in a relationship with former soccer player, Gerard Pique.

Gerard Piqué confirmed his relationship with Clara Chia Marti in January 2023.

The former professional soccer player has been romantically linked to Marti since they were seen together at a music festival in August 2022.

This news followed Piqué’s announcement of his split from his ex-partner Shakira, with whom he was in a relationship for over 11 years.

Allegations arose claiming Gerard Piqué had been cheating on Shakira with Clara.

Clara Chia Pregnant? Gerard Pique Officially Confirmed His Relationship With Clara Chia Through Instagram
Gerard Pique Officially Confirmed His Relationship With Clara Chia Through Instagram (Source: Instagram)

The former couple, parents to two sons, Milan and Sasha, announced their separation in a joint statement, emphasizing their commitment to their children’s well-being and requesting privacy.

Since then, Piqué and Marti have been quietly dating for several months, occasionally making public appearances together.

However, their relationship gained attention when Shakira appeared to reference it in two songs, “BZRP Music Session #53” and “TQG.”

In late January 2023, Piqué made their relationship Instagram official by posting their first selfie together on the platform.

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Is Clara Chia Pregnant? Gerard Pique Girlfriend Wikipedia

Clara Chia Marti, a young woman from Barcelona, Spain, has become known as the girlfriend of Gerard Piqué, a popular Spanish footballer.

Born in 1999, Marti showed academic prowess during her time at a private school in Barcelona.

Alongside her studies, she has dabbled in modeling and engaged in various sports activities such as badminton, swimming, and cycling.

Currently pursuing a degree in Public Relations at a Spanish university, Marti, 25, demonstrates her determination by working as a waitress to support herself financially through her studies.

Her dedication to both her education and a part-time job with Kosmos reflects her ambition to build a successful career in public relations.

Clara Chia Pregnant? Gerard Pique With His Girlfriend Clara Chia
Gerard Pique With His Girlfriend Clara Chia (Source: Instagram)

Clara Chia Marti and Gerard Piqué were initially seen together in August 2022, just three months after Piqué and Shakira’s breakup announcement.

Piqué and Marti were photographed together at the Summerfest Cerdanya music festival by the Daily Mail.

Images captured Piqué and Marti in the crowd, with Piqué affectionately embracing her and leaning in for a kiss.

A year later, the couple was observed having lunch in Barcelona, both dressed in matching navy outfits.

Shortly after their initial public appearance together, Piqué and Marti were observed attending a wedding in Catalonia, Spain.

The couple walked arm-in-arm, sharing laughter, and interacted with other guests at the event.

However, the rumors about Clara Chia pregnant remain untrue. There is no confirmed evidence in this matter.

Despite her relationship with Gerard Piqué and their public appearances together, there have been no official declarations or announcements regarding Marti’s pregnancy.

Marti and Piqué have embarked on multiple travels together. Apart from outings in Spain, the couple has enjoyed vacations in the Czech Republic and France.

While in France, they visited Paris, where they were sighted exploring the city on electric scooters with friends.

According to reports, during their Czech Republic trip, Piqué’s family joined them. Marti and Piqué were seen leaving a Marriott hotel in Prague alongside Piqué’s brother Marc and his wife Maria.

Shakira seemingly threw shade at Marti in “BZRP Music Session #53” track

In January 2023, Shakira, Piqué’s ex-partner, released her song “BZRP Music Session #53,” in which she appeared to allude to Piqué and his new relationship.

Within the lyrics, Shakira referred to a past relationship as a “disappointment” and mentioned a person who consistently presented their “worst version.”

Clara Chia Pregnant? Shakira Threw Shade At Pique And Marti Through Her Song
Shakira Threw Shade At Pique And Marti Through Her Song (Source: Instagram)

The singer also expressed a wish that she had terminated the relationship earlier.

In “BZRP Music Session #53,” Shakira’s lyrics seemed to extend to Piqué’s new girlfriend as well.

She metaphorically likened herself to a Rolex while seemingly characterizing Marti as a Casio, implying a contrast in perceived value or quality between the two.

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