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Is Simon Cowell Son Disable? Is Eric Cowell Autistic? Health Update 2023

Simon Cowell Son Disable? Simon Cowell shares a son, Eric, with Lauren Silverman, and there have been reports suggesting that the child may be on the autism spectrum. However, as of now, there hasn’t been any official confirmation regarding this matter.

Simon Cowell And His Son Eric Out On The Beach (Source: Pinterest)

Simon Cowell, a prominent figure in television, stands as a multifaceted talent competition judge, A&R executive, TV producer, entrepreneur, and music consultant.

Alongside his now-fiancée Lauren Silverman, Simon welcomed his son Eric Philip Cowell on February 14, 2014, expressing profound love for fatherhood.

Despite initial nervousness, Simon embraced fatherhood wholeheartedly and named his son after his late father, Eric.

Simon and Eric share a special bond, co-authoring a children’s book series and bonding over their shared love of soccer.

While Eric is Simon’s first child, Lauren Silverman has a teenage son named Adam from her previous marriage.

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Is Simon Cowell Son Disable? Is Eric Cowell Autistic? Health Update 2023

Simon Cowell son disable? Persistent speculations surround Simon Cowell’s son, Eric, suggesting the possibility of him being autistic or having a disability. Nevertheless, no credible sources have officially confirmed or reported Eric’s placement on the spectrum or any specific condition.

As of now, the father-son duo of Simon and Eric Cowell is in good health and well-being.

However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Simon expressed deep concern about his family’s safety, particularly focusing on the health of his son, Eric.

Simon Cowell And His Son Eric Out On The Beach (Source: Instagram)

In an interview before the pandemic, Simon revealed his worries and efforts to protect partner Lauren Silverman and Eric from the virus.

Simon has suffered an injury. He broke three vertebrae in a bike accident and had a steel rod inserted in his back.

Despite Simon’s recent recovery from a broken back sustained in a bike accident, he had prioritized family well-being, taking a break from his roles on America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent to spend quality time with his loved ones.

Additionally, Simon opened up about his decision to halt face fillers after witnessing his son’s reaction to an old photo of the ‘America’s Got Talent’ judge.

Simon Cowell Struggle With Mental Health Battles

Simon Cowell candidly shared the impact of the global pandemic on his mental health, revealing a private battle with depression triggered by the fear of contracting COVID-19 and transmitting it to his family.

As the rapid spread of the virus prompted worldwide panic and lockdowns, Cowell, then in Los Angeles, grappled with anxiety about the uncertain future.

Despite having dealt with depression in the past, he acknowledged that COVID-19 became a catalyst for a more profound struggle.

Concerns for the health of close friends who fell seriously ill intensified his fears for himself, partner Lauren Silverman, and their son Eric.

Simon Cowell With Other BGT Judges (Source: Pinterest)

Cowell’s openness about his mental health journey shed light on the profound impact the pandemic had on individuals, even those in the public eye, emphasizing the importance of addressing mental well-being during challenging times.

After meeting friends who had benefited from therapy, the father-of-one decided to embark on his own journey with a counselor, likening the experience to “taking your brain to the gym.”

Reflecting on his initial session, he shared,

I made the appointment and I sat down, really embarrassed and I said, ‘Look, I just don’t know where to start.’ But within about 20 minutes, it was as if I’d known him for 10, 20 years. He put me so much at ease. And you realize you’re talking to a professional, and they don’t judge you; they listen to you.

After coming back on the America’s Got Talent judging panel, Cowell expressed the hope that his son, Eric, will follow in his footsteps when the time is right.

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