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Kathy Chow Net Worth Before Death: $14 Million Villa & Other Assets

Kathy Chow Net Worth? At the time of her passing, Kathy Chow, the TVB actress, was approximated to possess a net worth of approximately $51 million (equivalent to HK$400 million).

Kathy Chow Was Widely Known For Her Roles In Hong Kong TVB Series (Source: IMDb)

Kathy Chow, born on December 6, 1966, in Hong Kong, began her career as a participant in the Miss Hong Kong pageant in 1985.

Descended from the GÅ«walgiya clan, she actively modeled and starred in Hong Kong TVB series during the late 1980s and 1990s.

In 1998, Chow transitioned to ATV, occasionally featuring in Hong Kong films and award shows.

After a stint at ATV until 2001, she pursued new opportunities in Beijing. Returning to TVB in March 2008, she signed on to TVB’s action series “E.U.” and continued starring in occasional TVB series while focusing on mainland China’s productions.

On December 11, 2023, Kathy Chow passed away in Beijing at the age of 57 due to an illness, later confirmed by a friend to be lupus, a condition she had battled for many years despite denying lupus rumors throughout her lifetime.

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Kathy Chow Net Worth Before Death: $14 Million Villa & Other Assets

Kathy Chow Net Worth? Working in the entertainment industry for 38 years, Kathy Chow garnered a net worth of around $51 million at the time of her death.

While the details of her financial holdings remain somewhat elusive, one prominent asset was her opulent $14 million villa.

This residence, adorned in a classical European style, radiates elegance and grandeur, complemented by a sprawling garden.

Kathy Chow Was An Actress And Singer (Source: Medium)

Within its spacious confines, a luxurious living room capable of accommodating three large sofas and a dedicated 200 sq. ft. room exclusively for her dogs further exemplify the lavish lifestyle she led.

Despite her considerable wealth, Kathy Chow was known for her frugality, as evidenced by her driving the same Mercedes-Benz for 17 years.

The juxtaposition of opulence and simplicity in her financial choices adds a nuanced dimension to the legacy of this esteemed entertainer.

Her Fortunes Would Be Inherited By Her Mother

Following Kathy Chow’s untimely passing on December 11 at the age of 57, it has been revealed that her mother is set to inherit her financial holdings.

Known for her iconic role as Zhou Zhiruo in the 1994 TVB series “The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber,” Chow had amassed a considerable estate throughout her career.

However, a noteworthy aspect of her legacy lies in the decision made by her siblings regarding her estate.

Despite the considerable financial holdings and assets accumulated throughout her successful career, her siblings have opted not to be part of the inheritance.

This unique choice signifies a deliberate step away from the material aspects of Chow’s life, perhaps driven by personal reasons or a desire to honor her memory in a different manner.

Consequently, this decision has opened the path for Kathy Chow's mother to inherit the entire estate, including the substantial $14 million (100 million yuan) villa in Beijing's Shunyi District where Kathy resided for the past two decades. 

The family dynamics and the thoughtful decision by her siblings add a poignant layer to the aftermath of Kathy Chow’s passing, highlighting a distinctive approach to handling her financial legacy.

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