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Freddie Highmore Ethnicity: Religion & Family

Freddie Highmore Ethnicity? Born to parents Sue Latimer and Edward Highmore on February 14, 1992, ethnicity is rooted in his English heritage.

Freddie Highmore At An Event (Source: Instagram)

Alfred Thomas Highmore, famously known for his roles in Finding Neverland and The Good Doctor, demonstrated his acting prowess from an early age.

With a stellar academic background, including studies at Highgate School and earning a double-first degree in Spanish and Arabic from Cambridge University’s Emmanuel College, Highmore embarked on a successful career.

His breakout role came in “Finding Neverland,” followed by iconic performances in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and “Bates Motel,” where he portrayed the iconic Norman Bates.

In 2017, Highmore took on the lead role of Shaun Murphy in the acclaimed medical drama series “The Good Doctor,” showcasing his exceptional talent and garnering widespread acclaim.

Freddie Highmore Ethnicity: Religion

Freddie Highmore Ethnicity? Freddie Highmore’s ethnicity is predominantly associated with his English heritage, as he was born to parents Sue Latimer and Edward Highmore.

His family’s roots trace back to England, contributing to his cultural identity. Although reports have occasionally surfaced suggesting a connection to Scottish lineage, these claims lack concrete evidence, and there are no definitive reports substantiating any Scottish ancestry in Freddie Highmore’s family history.

While the actor’s English background is well-established, any additional heritage beyond that remains unverified.

Freddie Highmore During A Talk Show (Source: Instagram)

As is common with public figures, speculations about their ancestry may circulate, but it’s essential to rely on confirmed and well-documented information to understand their true ethnic background.

In the case of Freddie Highmore, his known roots align with his English parentage, with any potential Scottish ties awaiting verifiable confirmation.

Freddie Highmore has not publicly disclosed information about his religious beliefs. The actor keeps details about his faith, or lack thereof, private. As a result, there is no official confirmation regarding Freddie Highmore’s religion.

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Family: Parents, Wife & Kids

Freddie Highmore hails from a family deeply rooted in the entertainment industry.

His father, Edward Thomas Highmore, is an accomplished English actor renowned for his role as Leo Howard in the 1980s BBC drama “Howards’ Way” and for portraying Malkon in the 1984 “Doctor Who” serial “Planet of Fire.”

Edward, born in Kingston upon Thames, London, attended Guildford School of Acting. Notably, he is best known for his association with the iconic character Leo Howard and has shared the screen with Freddie in “Jack and the Beanstalk: The Real Story.”

Freddie Highmore With His Parents And Wife (Source: Instagram)

On the other hand, Freddie’s mother, Sue Latimer, is a prominent talent agent with an illustrious career.

After starting as an agent at the William Morris Agency, she later co-founded Artists’ Rights Group (ARG) in partnership with Michael Foster.

Noteworthy for her role in Daniel Radcliffe’s career, Sue is also a former drama school classmate of Daniel’s father, Alan Radcliffe.

Moreover, the Good Doctor star is married to fellow Brit Klarissa Munz, who is a web designer.

They reportedly met when the British actor was starring on A&E’s Bates Motel and eventually tied the knot in 2021.

Regarding their kids, the couple has not yet welcomed any kids.

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