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Sam Waterston Wife: All About Barbara Rutledge Johns & Lynn Louisa Woodruff

Sam Waterston’s first wife was Barbara Rutledge Johns, and he later married Lynn Louisa Woodruff for his second marriage.

Sam Waterston, born November 15, 1940, is an acclaimed American actor with a five-decade career spanning theater, television, and film.

Notable for roles in Shakespearean revivals and Broadway’s “Abe Lincoln in Illinois” (1993, Tony Award nomination), he earned a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (2010) and a place in the American Theater Hall of Fame (2012).

Onscreen, Waterston received a Golden Globe nomination for “The Great Gatsby” (1974) and an Academy Award nod for “The Killing Fields” (1984).

His collaborations with Woody Allen include “Interiors” (1978) and “Hannah and Her Sisters” (1986).

Sam Waterston An American Actor
Sam Waterston An American Actor (Source: Instagram)

Waterston gained widespread recognition as Jack McCoy on NBC’s “Law & Order” (1994–2010, 2022–2024), earning accolades and nominations.

He portrayed J. Robert Oppenheimer in “Oppenheimer” (1980) and Abraham Lincoln in “Lincoln” (1988). Recent roles include “Godless” (2017) and “The Dropout” (2022).

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Sam Waterston Wife: All About Barbara Rutledge Johns & Lynn Louisa Woodruff

Sam Waterston, renowned for his portrayal of Jack McCoy on “Law & Order,” has had two significant chapters in his marital life.

His first wife, Barbara Rutledge Johns, marked the initial phase of his journey into matrimony.

The couple tied the knot in December 1964 and welcomed their son, James Waterston, in 1969. Unfortunately, their union concluded in 1975.

In 1976, Waterston embarked on a new chapter in his personal life with Lynn Louisa Woodruff. Lynn, a former Vogue model, caught Waterston’s heart during a blind date in 1972.

Sam Waterston Wife Lynn Louisa Woodruff
Sam Waterston Wife Lynn Louisa Woodruff (Source: NBC)

Their love story led to marriage in 1976, and the couple has since celebrated over 50 years together.

Lynn’s successful modeling career in the ’70s, gracing the covers of prestigious magazines like Cosmopolitan and Vogue, adds a glamorous touch to their enduring partnership.

Sam Waterston’s second marriage has been a testament to lasting love, as he emphasizes the age-old adage, “a happy wife is a happy life.”

The couple’s enduring bond has weathered the storms of time and the challenges of Waterston’s demanding career in the entertainment industry.

While Barbara Rutledge Johns played a crucial role in the early years of Waterston’s life, Lynn Louisa Woodruff has been his steadfast companion, supporting him through decades of acting success.

With Lynn by his side, Waterston’s family expanded to include three more children: Elisabeth, Katherine, and Graham, creating a rich tapestry of familial talent and achievements.

Emotional Farewell: Sam Waterston’s Departure Leaves Law & Order Cast in Tears

In a poignant turn of events, the departure of Sam Waterston from his iconic role as Manhattan District Attorney Jack McCoy in Law & Order has left the cast, especially his co-star Odelya Halevi, profoundly moved.

Waterston bid adieu to the series in Season 23, Episode 5, titled “Last Dance,” sacrificing McCoy’s legal career for a greater cause.

As McCoy resigned, the emotional impact rippled through the cast, with Halevi revealing she had been “crying for days.”

Sam Waterston Renowned For His Role In 'Law & Order'
Sam Waterston Renowned For His Role In ‘Law & Order’ (Source: NBC)

Halevi, who joined the show in Season 21, expressed the deep personal connection she felt with Waterston, having grown up watching him in Law & Order.

McCoy’s famous line, “It’s been a hell of a ride,” resonated not just with her but with long-time fans of the series.

Despite the departure, Halevi remains in close contact with Waterston, emphasizing, “I don’t see a world where that man is not in my life.”

As Law & Order welcomes Tony Goldwyn to fill Waterston’s shoes, Halevi anticipates a shift in dynamics, describing Goldwyn as a “legend” in the industry.

The series continues to evolve, with Episode 6 showcasing Assistant District Attorney Samantha Maroun (Halevi) and Executive Assistant District Attorney Nolan Price (Hugh Dancy) grappling with the aftermath of McCoy’s resignation.

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