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Lee Daniels Wife: Is He Married To Jahil Fisher? Adopted Brothers Kids

Lee Daniels is openly gay. There’s no Lee Daniels Wife, however, he has been dating a stylist for years now.

Lee Daniels, an acclaimed American film and television producer, director, and screenwriter, was born on December 24, 1959, in West Philadelphia.

The renowned producer was born as the eldest son of Clara May and William Louis Daniels. He grew up with four siblings: Cheryl, Lydia, Maynard, and Leah.

Lee Daniels, An American Film And Television Producer, Director, And Screenwriter
Lee Daniels, An American Film And Television Producer, Director, And Screenwriter (Source: Instagram)

During his teenage years, Daniels’ mother arranged for their family to use the address of a neighbor who worked as a butler for the owner of the Philadelphia Flyers hockey team, enabling Daniels to attend Radnor High School.

Sadly, when Daniels was 15 years old in 1975, his father, a police officer, was killed in the line of duty. He graduated from Radnor High School in 1978.

After high school, Daniels enrolled at Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri. However, he soon realized that the liberal arts school was not the right fit for him, prompting his move to Hollywood.

Initially working as a receptionist in a nursing agency, Daniels eventually established his own nursing agency specializing in HIV/AIDS treatment.

Later, he transitioned into casting, selling his nursing agency. He began his career in entertainment as a casting director and manager after a fortuitous encounter with a Hollywood producer.

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Lee Daniels Wife: Is He Married To Jahil Fisher?

While Lee Daniels’ professional achievements often take center stage, it appears that his personal life is equally fulfilling and successful.

Concrete Cowboy producer has been in a relationship with stylist Jahil Fisher for several years. According to an interview, they have been together since 2010 after meeting at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles.

Jahil recalls that he was attending a friend’s birthday party at the venue, and Lee Daniels was seated at the next table.

Lee Daniels Wife: Lee Daniels With His Partner Jahil Fisher
Lee Daniels With His Partner Jahil Fisher At Met Gala (Source: Instagram)

He noticed Lee’s repeated glances in his direction until eventually, Lee sent his assistant over to ask for Jahil’s number.

However, Jahil Fisher declined, insisting that if Lee wanted his number, he would have to ask for it himself. After Lee mustered the courage to ask directly, their relationship began from there.

In the same interview, Lee Daniels acknowledges that there’s a significant 12-year age gap between himself and Jahil, with Lee being the older one at 64 while Jahil is 52.

He expresses feeling nervous about this age difference but emphasizes that living in the present moment helps him recognize the value each of his relationships has brought him.

Lee reflects that this particular relationship has made him feel more responsible and accountable, contributing positively to his growth and maturity.

Did Lee Daniels Adopt His Brother’s Kids?

Speaking of each of his relationships providing him with “something important,” Lee Daniels mentions that his first relationship resulted in him having children.

Lee Daniels, along with his then-partner, casting director Billy Hopkins, adopted Clara Daniels and Liam Daniels, twins when they were just 3 days old.

Lee Daniels Wife: Lee Daniels Kids Liam And Clara
Lee Daniels Wishing Birthday To His Kids Liam And Clara (Source: Instagram)

Lee’s brother, the biological father of the twins, was sent to prison, leading Lee to take them into his care.

He revealed years ago that he initially did not want children. This reluctance may stem from his experience of having to raise his own siblings at a young age after his father was shot and killed.

Lee also mentioned that he and his ex were the first same-sex couple to adopt in Pennsylvania.

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