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Meek Mill Sister Nasheema Williams: Instagram

Robert Rihmeek Williams also known as Meek Mill, an American rapper, has an older sister, Nasheema Williams.

He was born on May 6, 1987, to his father, Robert, and his mother, Kathy. Unfortunately, his father was killed when Meek was just about five years old.

After the demise of Meek’s father, Kathy moved to North Philadelphia, Berks Street.

While living in Berks Street, Kathy started taking multiple jobs to help provide for her family. She started cutting hair and had a few other jobs on the side.

Meek Mill Sister
Meek Mill, An American Rapper (Source: Pinterest)

However, working multiple jobs did not bring enough money to support the family fully, forcing her to shoplift.

As Meek’s mother was mostly busy, he spent a lot of time with his uncle, Grandmaster Nell who was a DJ back then.

While hanging out with Nell, he came across different rappers and singers, mostly Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff.

Being surrounded by different rap artists and being exposed to hip-hop from an early age drove Meek towards being a rapper himself.

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Meek Mill Sister Nasheema Williams: Instagram

Meek has an older sister, Nasheema Williams, who is his biggest supporter and number one fan.

Nasheema constantly praised Meek Mill and publicly stood for him when needed.

In 2015, Drake released a diss track aimed at rapper Meek Mill. However, when he dissed Drake back, he got a lot of negative responses from the public.

Nasheema quickly came to Meek’s rescue and dissed Drake better than Mill.

Meek Mill Sister
Meek Mill’s Sister, Nasheema Williams (Source: Facebook)

Furthermore, In the diss, she said, “And I really used to f**k with you, so, I really ain’t one to f**k with you, but now I gotta bust at you cause Meek on a break, and I’m the substitute.”

Moreover, Nasheema also released a diss track “Queens of rap” targeting Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma.

In 2017, Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma had a Rap feud going on and Nasheema Williams decided to get herself involved and took a dig at both of them.

Nasheema doesn’t seem to be on any social media platform, not even Instagram as of 2024. Even if she does have some secret accounts, information about them is currently unavailable.

Meek Mill & Nicki Minaj Dating History

Meek began dating rapper, Nicki Minaj, in early 2015. Their relationship was official after Mill joined Nicki in her 2015 World Tour’s opening act.

The couple dated for about two years and broke up on January 2, 2017. Following their breakup, the rapper gave an insight into their relationship and the reason for their split.

Nicki highlighted that their relationship was getting very toxic and she couldn’t be with Meek anymore.

Meek Mill Sister
Meek Mill And Nicki Minaj (Source: Pinterest)

Moreover, In 2018, on Ellen DeGeneres show when asked about her dating history Nicki said, “I was in a relationship with Meek for a while. It was a very toxic something, and we ended that.”

Nicki even released a song Regret In Your Tears, singing the details of Meek and her relationship in 2017.

Even though, Meek and Nicki are said to be on good terms now, Mill got into a physical altercation with Kenneth Petty, Minaj’s husband in 2020.

Following the altercations, there was a Twitter dispute between Nicki and Meek Mill. They both tried to expose each other’s abuse while they were together.

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