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Troye Sivan Siblings: Sister Sage Mellet & Brothers Steele Mellet And Tyde Levi

Troye Sivan siblings are sister Sage Mellet and brothers Steele Mellet and Tyde Levi, creating a close-knit family.

Troye Sivan, an accomplished Australian singer-songwriter, actor, and former YouTuber, achieved fame through his albums, tracks, and EPs including “Blue Neighbourhood,” “Bloom,” “My My My!,” “In a Dream,” “Wild,” and “Youth.”

Troye secured a contract with EMI Australia back in 2013 following his rise to prominence as a singer on YouTube and through appearances on Australian talent shows.

Australian Singer, Troye Sivan
Australian Singer, Troye Sivan (Source: Pinterest)

Moreover, he has showcased his acting skills in movies and television series such as “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” “Spud,” “Three Months,” and most recently in “The Idol” and “Trolls Band Together.”

His list of accolades includes ARIA Music Awards, APRA Music Awards, BMI London Awards, GLAAD Media Awards, Teen Choice Awards, YouTube Music Awards, and more.

Sivan’s favorite musicians include Lorde, Taylor Swift, and Amy Winehouse, with Frank Ocean and Michael Jackson playing integral roles in shaping his musical tastes.

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Troye Sivan Siblings & Family

Troye Sivan shares a tight bond with his siblings; Sage Mellet, Steele Mellet, and Tyde Levi.

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, on June 5, 1995, Sivan’s parents are Shaun Mellet, a real estate agent, and Laurelle Mellet, a homemaker and former model.

Despite being born in South Africa, the singer and his entire family moved to Australia when he was two years old due to safety concerns stemming from the increasing crime rate in their homeland.

His childhood was filled with love and support from his parents and family, especially his mother, who sacrificed her career to care for him and his siblings, fostering a close bond between them.

Troye Has A Close Bond With Her Siblings Sage, Steele, And Tyde
Troye Has A Close Bond With Her Siblings Sage, Steele, And Tyde (Source: Instagram)

Troye Sivan fondly remembers a delightful childhood, surrounded by siblings who weren’t just family but also his closest friends. The singer shares a tight-knit bond with his two brothers and sister.

Their presence on social media gives a glimpse of the strong, loving bond they’ve shared since childhood. The siblings have a close relationship with their parents and often come together to celebrate significant occasions such as birthdays.

Expanding on his family background, the singer had a special bond with his grandmother, whom he held in high regard. His mother fondly depicted his grandmother as a free-spirited and lively individual.

His siblings, Tyde Levi and Steele Mellet, along with his sister, Sage Mellet, have achieved notable success in their respective lives, mirroring his accomplishments.

Sage Mellet, Troye’s younger sister, has made a name for herself as an internet personality. She is a co-founder of Peach Pack and also contributes to the Australian-Jewish indie band “Approachable Members of Your Local Community.”

Making a name for himself in the music world, Troye’s younger brother, Tyde Levi is recognized for his infectious tunes and vibrant social media persona. He has released two EPs, “Tyde Levi” in 2018 and “Figure It Out” in 2020.

Steele Mellet, as the senior member among the Mellet siblings, contributes significantly to the family’s creative ecosystem by integrating his distinct viewpoint and diverse life experiences into the complex Mellet family dynamic.

Troye Sivan’s Public Declaration of His Sexual Orientation: Coming Out As Gay

On August 7, 2013, Troye Sivan made his public declaration of being gay through a YouTube video, three years after sharing his sexual orientation with his family.

He wanted his video out to EMI Australia before discussing his sexuality because he was negotiating a record deal. The morning after posting, EMI sent a congratulatory email.

Troye Sivan Come Out As A Gay In 2013
Troye Sivan Come Out As A Gay In 2013 (Source: Instagram)

Sivan experiences a mild form of Marfan syndrome and has struggled with body image concerns.

He aims to pave the path for upcoming LGBTQ generations through future acting and music endeavors, acknowledging that self-acceptance takes time.

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