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Is TS Madison Trans? Gender & Sexuality Explored

TS Madison is a transgender woman who bravely shares her journey on the reality show “The Ts Madison Experience,” making history as its star and producer.

Ts Madison is an American reality television personality and actress known for her appearances in both television and film, including “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” “Zola,” and “The Perfect Find,” among other various works.

In 2013, she became famous after the release of a viral Vine clip titled “New Weave 22 Inches,” where she exposed her n*de body.

American Reality Television Personality, TS Madison
American Reality Television Personality, TS Madison (Source: Facebook)

Apart from her pursuits in the entertainment industry, Madison is also recognized as a singer.

Her debut album, “The New Supreme,” was released in 2016. Notably, her voice is sampled on Beyoncé‘s song ‘Cozy’ from the 2022 album “Renaissance.

At the 2016 Transgender Erotica Awards hosted by Grooby, she received a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Additionally, she was featured in the Out magazine Top 100 influential LGBT individuals in 2019.

Is TS Madison Trans? Gender & Sexuality Explored

Of course, TS Madison is a transgender woman who has made a significant impact on the entertainment industry.

Rising to fame, she stands as one of the industry’s most prominent trans women, embodying resilience, authenticity, and a determination to overcome barriers.

TS Madison stands out not just for her visibility as a trans woman but also for her commitment to making strategic moves within the industry.

She has made it a priority to advocate for the voices of Black trans women, raising awareness about their specific experiences and obstacles.

TS Madison With Emmy Award
TS Madison With Emmy Award (Source: Facebook)

In the 2022 movie “Bros,” Madison took on the role of Angela, a board member supporting Eichner’s character as he endeavors to establish the inaugural LGBTQ history museum.

Demonstrating her versatility, the media star hosts her reality series, “The TS Madison Experience,” which airs on WE TV.

The show provides viewers with an insight into her life, chronicling her transition from internet sensation to aspiring to become the first Black transgender woman to host a mainstream talk show.

Madison's legacy stretches beyond her personal journey; it embodies a broader campaign for diversity, inclusion, and representation for the transgender community, especially for Black transgender women.

The influencer’s willingness to share her gender identity and sexuality fosters a more inclusive conversation on diversity.

During one of the episodes of “The Ts Madison Experience” in 2021, she courageously addresses her father, with whom she’s been estranged for nearly five to six years, to broach the topic of her gender identity.

Madison and her father engage in a heartfelt conversation on a park bench, where her father expresses his thoughts about Madison’s transition, calling it a “freaky thing.”

Ts Madison Is An LGBTQIA Activist

Renowned for her influential presence in the transgender community, Ts Madison’s vibrant persona, quick wit, and genuine aura have captivated audiences far beyond the LGBTQIA+ sphere, establishing her as one of the most esteemed trans women.

Struggling with corporate culture and the absence of acknowledgment for her transgender identity previously, she found empowerment in and embraced s*x work for its financial liberation.

TS Madison As A LGBTQIA Activist
TS Madison As A LGBTQIA Activist (Source: Facebook)

She strategically positioned herself in the social media dialogue and in 2021, “The Ts Madison Experience” marked her as the inaugural Black trans woman to headline her reality show.

Madison shared:

I came from a Black woman. I was raised by Black women. I know the plight and the struggle of Black women. My fan base is largely Black women. They fight tooth and nail for me and I do the same for them. For me to get called mentally unstable, or saying who stands up for Black women? It upsets me.

Madison’s advocacy for the trans community underscores her position as an advocate for both cisgender and transgender women, with her primary objective being their unity.

Comprising both trans and cisgender women and men, her fan base appreciates her sincerity and dedication to advancing the culture, irrespective of gender or sexual orientation.

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