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Lyndell Mays And Dominic Miller Mug Shot: Who Are They? Age & Family

Lyndell Mays and Dominic Miller charged with second-degree murder in Kansas City Chiefs parade shooting; mug shots released.

Lyndell Mays and Dominic M. Miller found themselves at the center of a verbal altercation that escalated into a deadly shooting. Both attended the Super Bowl parade armed with firearms, marking a day of celebration that turned into a horrifying event for thousands of attendees.

The dispute quickly unfolded after the rally, leading to gunfire that left 23 people injured and resulted in the tragic death of Lisa Lopez-Galvan.

The Kansas City Chiefs Victory Parade
The Kansas City Chiefs Victory Parade (Source: NYPost)

The details surrounding the altercation and subsequent violence are still unfolding, and authorities are actively investigating the case to determine the full extent of the involvement of Mays and Miller in the shooting incident.

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Lyndell Mays And Dominic Miller Mug Shot: Who Are They?

In the aftermath of the tragic shooting incident during the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl parade, the names Lyndell Mays and Dominic M. Miller have emerged as the accused individuals facing charges related to the violence that unfolded on February 14, 2024.

Following their involvement in the shooting incident, Lyndell Mays and Dominic Miller found themselves in police custody, with mug shots capturing the gravity of the charges they now face.

In the aftermath of the tragic incident, Lyndell Mays offered a glimpse into the motive behind his actions, citing a threat that spurred him to start shooting. However, Dominic Miller’s confrontation details have not been publicly revealed.

Lyndell Mays Mug Shot One Of The Alleged Shooters At The Kansas City Chiefs Victory Parade
Lyndell Mays Mug Shot One Of The Alleged Shooters At The Kansas City Chiefs Victory Parade (Source: NYPost)

Mays, described as having an “aggressive” encounter during the parade, reportedly admitted to drawing his weapon first and firing shots in a crowded area, leading to a chain reaction of gunfire from others.

In a surprising revelation, court documents indicate that Mays told investigators he was “just being stupid” when he pulled out his gun during the altercation.

The mug shots serve as a stark reminder of the serious consequences that can arise from impulsive actions.

Dominic M. Miller, whose firearm allegedly caused the death of Lisa Lopez-Galvan, is also pictured in his mug shot, reflecting the somber reality of the charges he faces.

Lyndell Mays And Dominic Miller Age & Family

The recent Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl parade shooting involving Lyndell Mays and Dominic M. Miller has left a community in shock, and amidst the fervor, details about their family backgrounds remain elusive.

Their family has yet to surface publicly, and law enforcement authorities, mindful of safety concerns, have chosen not to disclose any information regarding the families of both suspects.

Lyndell Mays, at 23, is likely to have experienced various life stages that might shed light on the factors contributing to his alleged involvement in the shooting.

Dominic M. Miller, reported to be in his late teens, represents the younger demographic involved in the tragedy.

Lisa Lopez Gavlan Was Killed In The Shooting
Lisa Lopez Gavlan Was Killed In The Shooting (Source: NYPost)

Whether Mays and Miller come from supportive or challenging family backgrounds may offer insights into their choices and behavior leading up to the violent confrontation.

As the legal process unfolds, there may be revelations about their relationships, familial support, or lack thereof, providing a more comprehensive picture of who Lyndell Mays and Dominic M. Miller are beyond the charges they face.

In stark contrast, the family of the victim, Lisa Lopez-Galvan, has publicly expressed gratitude for the apprehension of the suspects.

While it cannot undo the tragedy, the family sees it as a step towards justice and acknowledges law enforcement for prioritizing the case.

As the investigation unfolds, the ages and family dynamics of Mays and Miller remain enigmatic facets of this heart-wrenching story.

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  1. Why is the author already looking to make excuses for their behavior by way of a rough upbringing, unsupportive family, etc.? Why is the author seeking a justification for a senseless gunfight in broad daylight at a Superbowl celebration? A mother was killed! Children were shot & wounded!

    Where is the outrage? We must allow the judicial process to take place in these criminal charges, but these thugs are a disgrace to the human race. They need strung up! They should never have an opportunity to be in public again.


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