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Jim Acosta Net Worth 2024: How Rich Is The American Broadcaster? Ex Wife & Kids

Jim Acosta, renowned for his contributions to journalism, has an estimated net worth of $5 million, from his career achievements and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Jim Acosta, an American broadcast journalist, has served as CNN’s anchor and chief domestic correspondent since January 2021.

He achieved widespread acclaim as the network’s chief White House correspondent during the Trump administration, particularly for his headline-making clashes with President Donald Trump during press briefings.

His professional career commenced in radio, where he started at WMAL in Washington, D.C. In 1994, he transitioned to television as a desk assistant for Fox affiliate WTTG-TV.

Jim Acosta, Chief Domestic Correspondent For CNN
Jim Acosta, Chief Domestic Correspondent For CNN (Source: Instagram)

Across his career span, he has held positions at various news organizations, including CBS News and its affiliates like CBS Newspath, WBBM-TV, KTVT-TV, and WBIR-TV.

Nevertheless, his career reached new heights following his tenure at CNN, which began in March 2007.

Having graduated from Annandale High School, he furthered his education and obtained a bachelor’s degree in mass communications from James Madison University.

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Jim Acosta Net Worth

Throughout his media career, Jim Acosta has generated a significant net worth. Recently, he has reached a noteworthy milestone in his profession, with his net worth estimated at an impressive $5 million as of 2024.

He is presently earning an annual salary of about $700,000. This financial triumph is attributed to his considerable tenure in journalism, his role as a CNN host, and other ventures, notably his bestselling book.

Over his tenure as CNN’s chief domestic correspondent and anchor, he has garnered recognition for his insightful reporting, especially in the domain of White House coverage.

Apart from his position at CNN, he has expanded his income through various additional ventures. His book, “The Enemy of the People: A Dangerous Time to Tell the Truth in America,” is likely a major factor in contributing to his net worth.

American Journalist, Jim Acosta Has A Net Worth Of Five Million Dollars
American Journalist, Jim Acosta Has A Net Worth Of Five Million Dollars (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, he made strategic investments and participated in various business endeavors to strengthen his financial status.

Both his flourishing journalism career and his entrepreneurial initiatives have contributed to his overall wealth.

Among his assets is a home valued at over $1 million, alongside three luxury vehicles valued at around $420,000.

His net worth serves as a testament to his accomplished career in journalism and his various entrepreneurial pursuits.

His financial success is chiefly attributed to his thriving journalism career, notably as a CNN host.

His continued success in journalism suggests that his net worth will continue to rise, strengthening his identity as a successful and influential figure.

Jim Acosta Ex Wife & Kids

Jim Acosta was a married man previously who tied the knot to his beautiful wife, Sharon Mobley Stow. His ex-wife, Sharon Mobley Stow, is a registered nurse by profession.

The couple is blessed with three kids, two of whom are named Hartley and Peter.

Acosta and Stow exchanged vows in 1994 and for twenty-four years, they navigated the highs and lows of marriage, building a life together amidst the demands of their respective professions before ultimately parting ways.

Jim Acosta And His Ex-Wife, Sharon Mobley
Jim Acosta And His Ex-Wife, Sharon Mobley (Source: Legit)

However, in 2017, their union took an unexpected turn as Jim and Sharon quietly chose to part ways, initiating divorce proceedings that brought their long-standing relationship to an end.

Despite the public attention surrounding Acosta’s career, the details of his personal life, particularly the reasons behind the separation, remained private, leaving many to speculate while respecting his silence on the matter.

It is reported that Acosta is still single and has never offered an explanation for the divorce.

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