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Killer Mike Ethnicity & Parents: Where Are They From? Arrest After Grammys

Killer Mike who was arrested right after winning three awards at the 66th annual Grammys Award is of Afro-American ethnicity.

Killer Mike is an American rapper and activist born on April 20, 1975, in Atlanta Georgia.

Mike debuted as a rapper with “Stankonia” in 2000, which was the fourth album of Outkast. Later, he was featured in “The Whole World,” which won a Grammy in 2003 for best rap performance.

Furthermore, he signed with Purple Ribbon Records and Columbia Records. These two records together released Mike’s very first studio Album, “Monster”.

Killer Mike Ethnicity
Killer Mike And His Wife Shana Render (Source: Instagram)

The album gained a lot of fame for Mike and was at 10th position on the Billboard 2000.

Following the success of his debut studio album, Mike released numerous single albums like “I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind,” “I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind II,” “Pledge,” “R.A.P.Music,” “Micheal,” etc.

Besides being a rapper and songwriter Killer Mike is also an activist who speaks for social equality and against police brutality and systemic racism.

Moreover, has spoken about these issues openly in various interviews and also reflects them in his music/raps.

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Killer Mike Ethnicity & Parents, Where Are They From?

Killer Mike ethnicity is African-American and he is an American Nationality.

Micheal Santiago Render, aka Killer Mike, was born to teenage parents whose identities are not publicly exposed.

As per reports, Mike’s father was a police officer and his mother Denise Render was a florist.

Mike's parents were just teenagers when they conceived him, so he was raised by his grandparents for some years in Collier Heights, Atlanta.

While living with his grandparents (grandfather Willie Burke Sherwood and grandmother Bettie Clonts), he attended Douglass High School.

Mike has always spoken very highly of his family, his grandparents, his parents, his uncles, and his sisters.

He has five sisters, and although their details are not disclosed, Mike often speaks about his two younger sisters, LaShunda and Lavie.

In 2017, his beloved mom, Denise, passed away, and he showed his love and admiration for her, saying his mom was a beautiful spirit, but she was a wild child.

Mike At His Oldest Son Malik’s Graduation (Source: Instagram)

He also lost his grandfather, Willie, and grandmother Bettie in years 2003 and 2012 respectively.

After three years of his grandfather’s demise, Mike married Shana Render.

Shana and Mike have four children together namely Malik who is 19 years old, Pony Boy who is 12, Aniyah is 16 years old and their youngest daughter Michael is 7 years old.

Why Was Killer Mike Arrested At Grammys After Winning Three Awards?

Killer Mike was arrested at the Grammys right after he won three awards for his misdemeanor.

Mike received awards for Best Rap Song, Best Rap Performance, and Best Rap Album for his album Micheal.

However, right after the award ceremony, Mike was escorted out by Los Angeles Police officers from the Crypto.com Arena for an alleged misdemeanor battery charge and altercation with a security officer.

An American Rapper- Mike Killer (Source: Instagram)

Killer Mike was arrested around 7:30 pm but was released at 8:30 on recognizance and is expected at the Los Angeles Superior Court on Feb 29.

Reportedly, according to TMZ, the security officer didn’t move out of Mike’s way fast enough, and Mike knocked him down.

Surprisingly Mike blamed “Overzealous security” and dismissed his detention as a “speed bump.”

Furthermore, Mike said nobody is talking about that mess cause he “swept an entire category” at the Grammys.

He even acclaimed partying all night after being released he said, “We partied all night. Ain’t nothing had happened, man. But we winners.”

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