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Who Is Elizabeth West Trans Woman Arrested By FBI? Family & Age

Elizabeth West Trans? Elizabeth West is a transgender woman who was arrested by the FBI, following a online threats to harm Jews and Black people.

Elizabeth West Trans
Elizabeth West, An Oregon Resident, Who Is A Transgender (Source: X)

Elizabeth Ballesteros West was charged by Federal prosecutors with making interstate threats based on a Facebook post in a “Trans Woman Support Group” where West expressed plans for a dramatic act due to perceived discrimination and anticipated job loss.

The charges were filed after a search of West’s home revealed 27 guns and “tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition.”

While the initial investigation focused on West’s transgender concerns, subsequent monitoring of social media unveiled racial hatred towards black people, immigrants, and Jews.

The FBI, after executing a search warrant and monitoring West’s online activities, arrested West on charges related to the earlier transgenderism-fueled threat and cited the discovery of an arsenal and racial animus as factors indicating a willingness to carry out violence against specific minority groups.

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Elizabeth West Trans: Trans Woman Arrested By FBI

Elizabeth West Trans? In the course of their investigations, the FBI received a tip regarding Elizabeth Ballesteros West’s alarming Facebook post in September.

As they delved deeper into her online activities, particularly on X (formerly Twitter), they discovered the explicit racist and antisemitic content, including the endorsement of Nazi ideologies.

The FBI became aware of her hatred towards Jews, Black people, and immigrants, expressed through violent rhetoric and threats.

Recognizing the potential danger West posed to herself and others, especially in light of her diagnosed bipolar disorder, dissociative disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder, the FBI sought guidance from her mental health providers.

After obtaining a release form allowing them to consult with these providers, the agents were warned that without mental health treatment and given her access to firearms, West could be a significant risk.

Firearms Found At Elizabeth West Trans’ House (Source: X)

Moreover, during the search of her house, FBI agents found a disturbing journal that added another layer to the concerns surrounding her mental state and potential for violence.

The journal, which West referred to as her “Black shadow journal,” covered a period from 2008 to 2016 and contained ominous entries.

On the first page, she had written about “Blood, death, self-torture, self-hatred, wicked thoughts of mass murder at the gloved hands of the veil mistress.”

The drawings and notes within the journal depicted violent scenarios, including disturbing images of her self-proclaimed alter ego, the “veil mistress,” engaged in acts of harm against Black men.

The notebook also contained a particularly troubling drawing titled “That’s Ms. Wolf to you! The Man Slayer-Queen of the underworld.”

Elizabeth West: Family & Age

Elizabeth West, an Oregon transwoman resident, was born as Wyona Wolf, in 1968, which makes her 56 years old as of 2024.

Limited information is available regarding Elizabeth Ballesteros West’s family, suggesting that she has been living alone for an extended period.

Reports indicate that West’s familial history is marked by a concerning incident in 1993 when she was allegedly arrested for inserting a shotgun into her father’s mouth and attempting to discharge it.

Fortunately, the gun did not fire during this incident. The details surrounding her family and parents remain relatively obscure, but this disturbing episode provides a glimpse into a troubled history. 

The incident may have contributed to West’s complicated mental health, as indicated by her subsequent diagnoses of bipolar disorder, dissociative disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

The lack of additional information about her family underscores the complexity of West’s personal background and the focus on her individual circumstances leading to her current legal situation.

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