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Who Is Maison des Champs? All About The Las Vegas Sphere Climber

Maison des Champs, a self-proclaimed “skyscraper climber” and “pro-life Spider-Man,” is currently in the spotlight for climbing the Sphere in Las Vegas.

Maison des Champs, an anti-abortion activist, was arrested on February 7, 2024, for freely climbing the exterior of the massive Sphere venue in Las Vegas on Wednesday.

Las Vegas police reported receiving multiple calls about an individual scaling the 366-foot-tall (112-meter-tall) spherical structure near the Strip after 10 a.m. His arrest took place shortly before Las Vegas hosted its inaugural Super Bowl.

Reports indicate that Champs began his climb on Tuesday to raise funds for Sierra, a mother of two who was unexpectedly pregnant.

American Skilled Rock Climber, Maison des Champs
American Skilled Rock Climber, Maison des Champs (Source: Instagram)

Funds totaling over $20,000 were raised to assist Sierra, a woman who felt pressured to undergo abortion due to financial limitations and a lack of material support.

His climb was to secure funds for Sierra through Let Them Live, a pro-life organization, with a fundraising goal of $27,000.

Maison is active on Instagram (@prolife.spiderman) with over 277K followers. According to his Instagram bio, he climbs “skyscrapers to support women in crisis pregnancies.” It also includes the proclamation, “Christ is king!”

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All About The Las Vegas Spehere Climber

Maison des Champs, hailing from Las Vegas, made worldwide news in February 2024 after climbing the Las Vegas Sphere.

He began rock climbing at 16 and utilizes his expertise to bring attention to and support the pro-life initiative, notably the nonprofit Let Them Live.

He has climbed numerous skyscrapers and tall structures both in the U.S. and internationally, frequently without safety gear or authorization.

Because of these activities, he has faced multiple arrests and charges, with authorities deeming these stunts illegal and hazardous.

Maison des Champs Has Been Arrested By Las Vegas Police For Climbing The Sphere
Maison des Champs Has Been Arrested By Las Vegas Police For Climbing The Sphere (Source: Catholicnewsagency)

Maison’s climb of the Las Vegas Sphere in 2024 ended with him being detained by Las Vegas police and is facing charges of trespassing and criminal nuisance.

He undertook the climb without the aid of ropes or harnesses. On Wednesday morning, he uploaded a brief cellphone video to his Instagram account. The footage depicts him against a backdrop of a cloudy sky, with a GoPro camera affixed to his head.

He said in the video, “Hey guys, I’m here on top of the Sphere.”

Following the arrest, a spokesperson for the Sphere, in a statement, extended appreciation to the authorities “for their assistance in this regard.”

Before this, on October 10, 2023, he climbed the Accenture Tower in Chicago, a 40-story building that is home to the Israeli consulate.

In May 2022, he managed to climb the Salesforce Tower in San Francisco, California, a 61-story edifice that stands as the second tallest in California.

Furthermore, in August 2021, he climbed the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, a towering 60-story structure within a vibrant casino resort.

Whenever he climbs a tower, thousands of dollars are raised to assist women who are considering abortion, supporting them throughout their pregnancy and beyond.

He knowingly faces substantial risk to his own life during these stunts, fully understanding the dangers as he engages in these hazardous ascents without the support of ropes or harnesses.

Maison admitted:

The truth is I do get a little scared. I get a little nervous, but I work past it and I do a lot of things scared because I think about what’s at stake.

He has accomplished seven fundraising climbs on city skyscrapers for the pro-life cause, a feat that frequently garners him attention on the local evening news — and results in his incarceration.

Reactions To Maison des Champs Stunts

Maison DesChamps’ daring feats have sparked significant attention and discourse across various social media channels, including YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Among users, some lauded and endorsed his climbing prowess and pro-life advocacy, while others denounced and disapproved of his actions as unlawful, hazardous, reckless, and disrespectful to property owners and authorities.

Maison des Champs Started Climbing At Age 16
Maison des Champs Started Climbing At Age 16 (Source: Nypost)

Several users raised doubts and contested his pro-life beliefs and fundraising approaches, proposing alternative methods to aid pregnant women and unborn children.

There were also expressions of concern and fear for his safety and the safety of others, with pleas for him to cease his stunts to prevent potential harm or fatalities.

Nonetheless, Maison DesChamps’ past behavior suggests that he will persist in pursuing his risky stunts.

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