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Dave Kroupa Birthday: When Was He Born? Age

Dave Kroupa, an auto repair worker in his mid-40s, maintains a level of privacy around his details, including his exact birthday, which remains undisclosed.

Dave Kroupa, an auto repair worker, found himself at the center of a chilling and complex love triangle that turned deadly.

In 2012, he moved to Omaha, Nebraska, seeking a more casual relationship after ending a long-term partnership with the mother of his two children.

Dave Kroupa An Auto Repair Worker
Dave Kroupa An Auto Repair Worker (Source: People)

Little did he know that his foray into online dating would lead to a nightmarish series of events chronicled in the Netflix documentary “Lover, Stalker, Killer.”

Kroupa initially met Cari Farver at the auto shop where he worked, and the two dated for a brief two weeks before Farver mysteriously vanished.

The shocking turn of events unfolded as Farver continued to harass Kroupa with around 15,000 threatening emails and 50,000 harassing texts over the next three years.

The situation escalated when Kroupa also began dating Liz Golyar, leading to a twisted love triangle that involved stalking, arson, and ultimately, murder.

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Dave Kroupa Birthday: When Was He Born? Age

Born in 1977, Dave Kroupa is now in his mid-40s. His life took a dark turn when he encountered Cari Farver and Liz Golyar, becoming entangled in a web of harassment and violence.

While details of his birthday and birth date remain undisclosed, his life story unfolds as a testament to strength amidst adversity.

Kroupa’s story serves as a harrowing reminder of the dangers of online dating and the devastating consequences that can unfold when relationships turn toxic.

Dave Kroupa Is In His Mid-40s
Dave Kroupa Is In His Mid-40s (Source: Oxygen)

As depicted in the documentary, Kroupa’s dating nightmare began when he received a text from Farver, suggesting they move in together just hours after kissing her goodbye.

What followed was an onslaught of threatening messages and a prolonged period of stalking that impacted not only Kroupa but also those close to him, including his ex-partner and children.

The Aftermath and Where Dave Kroupa Is Now

The twisted love triangle reached its climax when investigators discovered that Liz Golyar had been impersonating Cari Farver all along.

Golyar, who had relentlessly stalked Kroupa and orchestrated the burning of her own house, was found guilty of first-degree murder.

The digital evidence and blood found in Farver’s vehicle were instrumental in securing Golyar’s conviction.

She is now serving a life sentence without parole, along with additional years for arson and attempting to frame Farver.

In the aftermath of this traumatic experience, Dave Kroupa has chosen to maintain a low profile.

Dave Kroupa With  Liz Golyar
Dave Kroupa With Liz Golyar (Source: People)

Living in Nebraska with his girlfriend Margie Hover, Kroupa reflects on the impact of the events on his life.

Despite the relief that came with Golyar’s apprehension, Kroupa acknowledges the lingering scars and the responsibility he feels for Farver’s death.

As Kroupa attempts to rebuild his life, he remains cautious, protecting his contact information and taking measures to avoid a recurrence of the horrifying events that unfolded over those tumultuous years.

The Netflix documentary sheds light on the complexities of modern relationships, the dangers of online interactions, and the lasting trauma that can result from the intersection of love and obsession.

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