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Larenz Tate Parents: Father Larry Tate, Mother Peggy Tate & Grandfather

Larenz Tate Parents: Larenz Tate, Menace II Society fame, was born to Peggy Tate and Larry Tate, in Chicago, Illinois. He is the youngest child of three siblings.

Larenz Tate, An American Actor
Larenz Tate, An American Actor (Source: Instagram)

Laurenz Tate made appearances in TV series like 21 Jump Street and The Wonder Years. After that, Tate rose to stardom by securing a role in the television movie The Women of Brewster Place.

Following this, he landed the recurring role of Willie Fuffner, Steve Urkel’s nemesis, in the sitcom Family Matters.

Tate also featured as Curtis, the grandson of Redd Foxx’s character, on the CBS series The Royal Family.

Unfortunately, the series faced a setback when Foxx passed away from a heart attack a month after its debut.

Despite attempts to salvage the show with a reworking that included Jackée Harry in the cast, the efforts were unsuccessful in saving The Royal Family.

Upon taking on various television roles, the filmmaking siblings Albert and Allen Hughes invited Tate to star in their first feature film, Menace II Society, in 1993.

In this film, Tate played the character “O-Dog,” a volatile teenager with a penchant for violence. Frederick I. Douglass of the Baltimore Black-American praised Tate’s performance, considering it a significant contribution that elevated the film to instant classic status.

Additionally, Tate had a recurring role in the short-lived television series South Central (1994), where he portrayed the character Andre.

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Larenz Tate Parents: Father Larry Tate, Mother Peggy Tate & Grandfather

Larenz Tate Parents: Larenz Tate, a prominent individual in American cinema, was born on September 8, 1975, in Chicago, Illinois.

He has forged a distinguished path marked by his exceptional talent and undeniable screen presence.

Tate’s venture into the entertainment industry has been defined by a sequence of enthralling performances that have captured audiences worldwide.

Larenz Tate And His Father Larry Tate
Larenz Tate And His Father Larry Tate (Source: Pinterest)

Larenz Tate was born to Peggy Tate and Larry Tate in Chicago, Illinois. He has two brothers, Larron and Lahmard, both of whom are also actors. The Tate family moved to California in the early 1980s.

As for his grandfather, Larenz Tate has chosen not to disclose his grandfather’s name, leaving fans and followers curious.

The acclaimed American actor has maintained a private stance on his family background and has not shared any details with the media.

Similar to many individuals in the entertainment industry, Tate opts for keeping his personal life private rather than openly sharing every aspect of it.

Initially enrolled in a drama program at the Inner City Cultural Center by their parents, Larenz, and his brothers didn't take the lessons seriously until their classmate Malcolm-Jamal Warner gained fame through his role on the sitcom The Cosby Show. 

Recognizing the potential for success, the siblings started securing small roles. In 1985, Larenz Tate made his debut on the small screen in an episode of The New Twilight Zone. He later graduated from Palmdale High School in 1993.

Larenz Tate Wife: Tomasina Parrott

Larenz Tate Parents: Larenz Tate has been married to his wife, Tomasina Parrott, for almost two decades. The couple tied the knot in 2006 after dating for six years.

Additionally, from their relationship, the Tate couple welcomed four children together. Their three eldest kids are Miles Xavier Tate, Zander Tate, and Zion Tate.

However, their youngest child, also a son, whose name has not been disclosed yet.

Reflecting on their relationship, Tate shared insights into how they’ve made their marriage work in an interview.

Larenz Tate And Wife Tomasina Parott
Larenz Tate And His Wife Tomasina Parrott (Source: Essence)

Tate says, “When I met my wife, I felt like this was a good thing. We dated for a while, six years before we actually got married. She needed to know if she really wanted to rock with me and all my craziness.”

He added, “I was like, ‘You still want to rock me? You know what I like, I like the ladies.’ And she was like, ‘Look, man, get your mind right.”‘

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