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Cari Farver Kids: 14 Year Old Son Maxwell

Cari Farver, the Omaha, Nebraska native had a 14-year-old son with her boyfriend, Dave Kroupa.

The tragic murder of a single mother entangled in a fatal digital love triangle echoed through her community and inflicted profound devastation upon her family.

Cari Farver had initiated a casual relationship with auto repairman Dave Kroupa, a resident of Omaha, Nebraska, in 2012.

Cari Farver Kids: Cari Farver Was In The Casual Relationship With Dave Kroupa
Cari Farver Was In The Casual Relationship With Dave Kroupa (Source: DailyMail)

Despite a promising start to their connection, their budding romance abruptly halted when the 37-year-old mother-of-one vanished after only a few weeks of dating.

Allegedly, following her disappearance, threatening messages purportedly originating from Farver were directed at her former lover.

The notes conveyed ominous messages, indicating that she intended to make it her ‘life’s mission’ to ‘ruin and destroy’ him.

They asserted that she was ‘watching him’ incessantly and vowed to ‘never let him be with anyone else’ ever again.

For years, Dave lived in fear for his life, enduring online harassment from someone he believed to be Cari.

However, in 2016, investigators uncovered a shocking truth: Cari had not been the perpetrator behind the messages.

Instead, it was revealed that she had been brutally murdered by a love rival who had assumed her identity online for four years.

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What Happened To Cari Farver Kids?

Cari, who was a computer programmer, left behind her 14-year-old son Maxwell. Following her tragic death, Maxwell was cared for by his grandmother Nancy Raney.

Remarkably, Maxwell seems to have inherited his mother’s talent and passion for technology.

Maxwell attended Iowa State University from 2016 to 2021, where he pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in Software Engineering and Data Science.

Currently, he resides in Lakeville, Minnesota, and is employed at the financial technology company Chime, as indicated by his LinkedIn profile.

Cari Farver Kids: Maxwell With His Wife Sara
Maxwell With His Wife Sara (Source: Instagram)

The young man has embarked on building his own family after marrying his childhood sweetheart, Sara Wede, in June 2020.

The couple’s journey began when they first crossed paths in kindergarten and have since grown up together.

Reflecting on Max’s proposal in January 2018, Sara shared on their wedding registry that after being together throughout high school, it was somewhat expected that Maxwell would propose someday.

She said that she knew some people from their high school were betting on how long it would take.

Max and Sara had previously talked about marriage, but Max was determined to surprise her.

Despite his assurances that it would be a private affair between them, he orchestrated a Christmas gift exchange with all of his friends as a decoy.

While they weren't assigned to exchange gifts, Max secretly arranged for Sara to receive a gift, and she opened it last. 

It was double-wrapped in wrapping paper and surrounded by packing tape, making it a challenge to unwrap.

Sara, unaware of the surprise, later discovered that Max’s friends had recorded the event, adding to the unexpectedness.

She humorously mentioned that she had just woken up from a nap and probably should have followed her mother’s advice to wear makeup and style her hair. She later learned that her mother was in on the surprise.

In May 2023, the couple celebrated the arrival of their daughter, Keira.

Cari Farver Death Cause

The truth behind Cari’s death took years to uncover, tracing back to when she first began dating Dave.

At the time, Dave had also entered into a relationship with another woman named Liz Golyar while also communicating with Cari, whom he had met on a dating site.

Initially, Dave anticipated a casual arrangement, but it escalated into a harrowing ordeal fueled by jealousy and rage.

Amid allegations of stalking by Cari, the situation took a darker turn in August 2013 when Liz claimed to have set fire to Cari’s house, resulting in the tragic deaths of her two dogs, a cat, and a pet snake.

Adding to the bizarre circumstances, in 2015 Liz made the startling accusation that Cari had shot her.

Cari Farver Kids: Liz Was Arrested  In December 2016
Liz Was Arrested In December 2016 (Source: DailyMail)

However, police grew suspicious during their investigation as they couldn’t locate Cari, and no one, including her family, had seen her since 2012.

As the investigation progressed, authorities found Liz’s fingerprints in Cari’s car, leading them to suspect her involvement in Cari’s disappearance.

Further incriminating evidence came to light when a memory card on Liz’s tablet contained a photo of Cari’s deceased body, revealing she had been fatally stabbed.

Later, it was revealed that Liz had been the one behind the harassing text messages, impersonating Cari for an astonishing four years.

In December 2016, Liz was arrested for Cari’s murder and ultimately sentenced to life in prison.

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