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Damien Egan Age & Husband: Is He Gay?

Damien Egan age didn’t stop him from being one of the youngest parish councilors at the age of just 21.

Damien Egan was born in the early 1980s, and there has been no publicly available information about his exact birth date.

Although the political figure was born in Cork, Ireland, he was raised by his parents as catholic in north-east Bristol, where during his childhood, homelessness grasped his family.

Despite having grown up Catholic, Egan followed his husband’s religion and converted to Judaism.

Damien went to Hanham High School and Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School. After completing his education at St. Mary’s University College, he relocated to Lewisham.

Former Lewisham Mayor Damien Egan
Former Lewisham Mayor Damien Egan (Source: Pinterest)

Before moving to London, the labor MP served as a parish councilor in the Bristol neighborhoods of Downend and Staple Hill when he was just 21 years old.

During the 2010 general election, he stood as a candidate for the Labor Party of Beckenham where he was elected as Councillor for Lewisham Central.

Additionally, he was then appointed as the Council’s cabinet member for housing in 2014.

The politician then ran for the candidacy of the mayor of Lewisham and won not once but twice in 2018 and 2022.

Egan was chosen as Labor’s potential parliamentary candidate for Bristol North East in July 2023.

His contributions due to his effectiveness as a leader and public servant, earned him respect and admiration from constituents and colleagues alike.

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Damien Egan Age & Husband: Is He Gay?

Damien Egan has become one of the prominent figures in British politics.

There has not been any information confirming when he was born or the specific date of his birth, but there has been some news that the politician is in his early 40s and married.

With his latest achievements, it is no wonder people are yearning to learn more about who he is as well as his personal life which isn’t very public.

People on social media have been wondering whether he is in a relationship or not or whether he is gay.

The new UK Labor Party member is married and has been with a former Israeli soldier, Yossi Felberbaum, for some time now.

The Labor Political Member With His Husband (Source: 999 Club)

Born and raised in Kiryat Yam, north of Haifa, Yossi Felberbaum is an Israeli who graduated from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev with a BSc in Software Engineering and completed his MSc in Computer Science at Reichman University.

In a Facebook posting from 2017, a group called Birthright Israel Excel wrote that Felberbaum had been in the Israeli military for six years.

As one of their contacts with the Israeli military, they clarified that the lawmaker’s husband had played a significant role in helping with the recruitment of 8200 unit soldiers as Israeli Peers.

It’s uncertain if he was a Unit 8200 officer even if one of his social media accounts attests to his years of service in the Israeli military.

His LinkedIn profile shows he worked for the Israel Defense Forces as a software engineer for over 5 years.

We cannot confirm what software systems Felberbaum was helping to engineer for the Israeli military, as little information about it is available.

At a minimum, the husband of the newly appointed MP had close contact with Unit 8200 spies and may well have been an actual Unit 8200 officer himself.

Damien Egan Claims Victory in Kingswood, Boosting Labour’s Momentum

In the Kingswood parliamentary by-election, Labor’s Damien Egan emerged victorious, unseating the Conservatives following the departure of previous Tory MP Chris Skidmore.

With 11,176 votes, the lawmaker won the by-election race where the majority was held by the Conservatives to give Labor a further boost ahead of the general election.

Damien Egan Becomes The New Kingwood MP With The Win In The By-Election
Damien Egan Becomes The New Kingwood MP With The Win In The By-Election (Source: Bloomberg)

Labor regained the seat from the Conservatives in 2005 when the newly elected MP defeated Tory candidate Sam Bromiley by 2,501 votes.

There have been reports that the victory means the Conservatives have now suffered more by-election losses in a single parliament than any government since the 1960s.

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