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Desi Banks Net Worth: How Rich Is The Comedian? Girlfriend Morgan Danielle

Desi Banks, with a $5 million net worth, excels as a comedian, social media icon, and actor, ensuring financial stability through his diverse career.

Desi Banks, born on May 9, 1993, is widely recognized as an American comedian, social media influencer, and actor, celebrated for his comedic sketches and videos across online platforms.

He launched his comedic career by posting sketches to Vine in 2012, which rapidly gained viral popularity, prompting him to shift focus from football, having played two seasons for Morehead State as a wide receiver.

In 2017, he initiated his journey into stand-up comedy, and by 2018, he had launched Desi Banks Productions, a production company dedicated to creating online videos.

American Comedia, Desi Banks
American Comedia, Desi Banks (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, the 31-year-old comedian operates a prosperous self-titled YouTube channel.

Through his channel, he delivers a wide array of content, spanning from pranks, skits, reaction videos, challenges, and beyond, ensuring his audience’s amusement.

Moreover, he has pursued acting, featuring in films and TV series such as “Little,” “Love By Chance,” “Haunted Trail,” “Sherman’s Showcase,” “Cream X Coffee,” and others.

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Desi Banks Net Worth: How Rich Is The Comedian?

As of 2024, Desi Banks, a renowned comedic internet personality, YouTuber, and actor, has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Over the years, his involvement in comedy, acting roles, and active presence on social media platforms have propelled him to great success, resulting in a substantial fortune and widespread recognition.

The primary sources of his income stem from his flourishing social media career, successful acting endeavors, and lucrative stand-up comedy tours.

Desi Banks Has A Net Worth In Millions Of Dollars
Desi Banks Has A Net Worth In Millions Of Dollars (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, he has engaged in collaborations with various companies, including Google, for whom he appeared in a commercial featuring T-Pain and Normani in 2021.

Additionally, he earns a decent sum from his YouTube channel, generating over $500K, and benefits from additional revenue sources like sponsorships, affiliate commissions, and product sales.

Rising to prominence in Hollywood through his appearances in popular films like “Love By Chance” and “Daddy’s Home,” he has amassed a decent fortune from his acting endeavors.

As his career flourishes within the entertainment sphere, it’s foreseeable that he is bound to become one of the most promising Hollywood actors in the times ahead.

His fondness for luxury vehicles is apparent, with a car collection that features models like the Dodge Challenger, Audi Q7, and Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS, showcasing his admiration for high-end cars.

His abundant wealth affords him a lavish lifestyle, complete with a luxurious home in Atlanta.

Through his dedication and talent, he has built a lucrative career that not only entertains millions but also secures his financial future, ensuring continued success and prosperity in the landscape of entertainment and media.

Desi Banks’s Girlfriend Morgan Danielle

Desi Banks, who is presently unmarried, is in a serious relationship with his longtime girlfriend, Morgan Danielle.

Morgan Danielle has achieved remarkable success in her own right as both a NICU nurse and a businesswoman. She additionally operates a clothing website known as “Morgan Danielle‚Äôs Closet.”

Rumors suggest that Desi and Morgan are high school sweethearts, although neither has confirmed nor revealed details about their initial relationship.

Their family expanded with the birth of their cherished son, Desi Banks III, on May 15, 2020, bringing immense happiness to the couple.

Desi Banks With His Girlfriend And Their Son, Desi Banks III
Desi Banks With His Girlfriend And Their Son, Desi Banks III (Source: Instagram)

Their second child, a daughter named Meagan Yvette Olivia Banks, was born in February 2024, bringing joy to the couple.

Their son, Desi Banks III, has his own Instagram account (@iamdesibanksiii) where followers can witness his growth and development.

Desi and his girlfriend, Morgan, seem to share a strong and joyful relationship, with no rumors of separation circulating. Their family of three appears to be tightly knit and fulfilled.

Desi and Morgan have plans to tie the knot soon, but they have not yet revealed their wedding date.

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