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Was Moe Berg Gay Or Married To Wife? Revealed Here

After the movie “The Catcher Was A Spy,” people speculated about Moe Berg’s sexuality, but Dawidoff confirmed Berg wasn’t gay or bisexual.

Morris Berg, AKA Moe Berg, born on March 2, 1902, was an American baseball catcher who later served as the baseball coach for the Red Sox team and then worked as an American spy.

Berg began his baseball career playing for the team Brooklyn Robinson at the Baker Bowl on June 27, 1923.

However, in the following season, he was demoted to Minneapolis Millers. Later, on August 19, 1924, he was sent to another baseball team called the Toledo Mud Hens. 

Moe Berg Gay
Berg Was Sent To Italy On A Mission (Source: Pinterest)

In 1926, the Chicago White Sox seemed impressed by Berg and took him to their team. Moe played for them till 1930.

Later, on April 2, 1932, he was put on waivers by the White Sox and was picked by the Cleveland Indians.

Furthermore, Berg played for the Washington Senators till 1934 and the Boston Red Sox till 1939 and then retired from baseball.

After ending his baseball career as both player and coach in 1941, Moe Berg started serving the U.S. government as a spy.

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Was Moe Berg Gay Or Married To Wife? Revealed Here

Nicholas Dawidoff wrote a book on Moe Berg’s life called The Catcher Was a Spy: The Mysterious Life Of Moe Berg and published it on May 30, 1995.

Later, in 2018, inspired by the book, the movie The Catcher Was a Spy was released. It was made under the direction of Ben Lewin and was written by Robert Rodat.

The book somewhat implies Moe Berg being bisexual, even gay, but the movie emphasizes it to an even greater extent.

Moe Berg Gay
Paul Rudd As Moe Berg In The Movie The Catcher Was A Spy (Source: Pinterest)

To explain the dramatization of Berg’s sexuality in the movie, Robert Rodat said that when there is smoke, there’s probably a fire for a dramatist. In contrast, there isn’t necessarily a fire for historians when there is a smoke cloud.

Moe Berg was never involved in any notable romantic relationships, be it homosexual or heterosexual. He died a bachelor on May 9, 1972, in Belleville, New York, U.S.  

Moreover, Berg’s bachelor status fueled the speculations of him being gay even more. However, Nicholas Dawidoff claimed Moe Berg being gay was nothing more than speculation.

Furthermore, to make his claim stronger, he said, “ I never found evidence he had a gay relationship.”

Moe Berg Family Background

Moe was born to Russian-Jewish parents Bernard Berg and Rose Tashker. Bernard was a Ukraine native and moved to New York in 1894. Likewise, Rose Tashker moved to New York City in 1896.

Bernard attended Columbia College of Pharmacy and was an authorized pharmacist by 1902.

Moe grew up alongside his two older siblings, Samuel and Ethel. Samuel was a doctor, and Ethel was a schoolteacher.

Moe Berg Gay
Berg Came From A Cross Culture Family (Source: Pinterest)

Considering Berg’s sibling’s occupation, the family had picked lawyer as Moe Berg’s future profession.

He was a Princeton and Columbia Law School graduate and joined the Satterlee and Canfield law firm while playing for the White Sox team.

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