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Chris Mortensen Wife Micki Mortensen: Kids, Family & Net Worth At Death

Chris Mortensen, a prominent American journalist, shared 39 years of marriage with his wife Micki Mortensen.

Chris Mortensen (November 7, 1951 – March 3, 2024) was a prominent American journalist known for his contributions to ESPN’s sports coverage.

Beginning as a reporter for the Daily Breeze in 1969, he garnered 18 journalism awards, including the National Headliner Award in 1978.

From 1983 to 1990, he worked at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, earning the George Polk Award in 1987.

Mortensen later covered the NFL for The National (1989–90) before joining ESPN in 1991. He reported for NFL GameDay, Countdown, and Outside the Lines, leaving in April 2023.

Chris Mortensen An American Journalist
Chris Mortensen An American Journalist (Source: NewYorkPost)

Mortensen faced controversies, such as a Domino’s advertising incident in 2015 and inaccuracies in reporting the Deflategate scandal in 2015. He authored the book “Playing for Keeps” in 1991.

Mortensen battled stage IV throat cancer, announced in 2016, surviving eight years before his passing at 72 on March 3, 2024.

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Chris Mortensen Wife Micki Mortensen: Kids & Family

Chris Mortensen’s family was a cornerstone of his life, providing unwavering support throughout his illustrious career.

The esteemed ESPN NFL reporter, born November 7, 1951, shared 39 years of marriage with his wife, Micki Mortensen. Together, they navigated the challenges of a dynamic career and the triumphs that came with it.

Micki Mortensen, at 79, stood as a pillar of strength for Chris, contributing to the stability of their family.

The couple’s bond extended to their son, Alex Mortensen, born on November 24, 1985. Alex, a former professional quarterback turned football coach, inherited the family’s passion for the sport.

Chris Mortensen Wife Micki Mortensen
Chris Mortensen Wife Micki Mortensen (Source: Thecelebscloset)

Chris Mortensen’s dedication to family was evident in his decision to retire in September 2023.

With a career spanning over 30 years, he chose to prioritize his health, family, and faith, marking a transition that allowed for more time with Micki and Alex.

The Mortensen family weathered significant challenges, particularly Chris’s eight-year battle with throat cancer, which he announced in January 2016. Despite this, their unity and resilience shone through.

The Mortensen family mourns the loss of a beloved husband and father following Chris’s passing on March 3, 2024.

The legacy of his impactful career and enduring family bonds is a testament to the strength and support of the tight-knit Mortensen household.

Colleagues, friends, and fans share their condolences, recognizing Micki and Alex’s pivotal roles in Chris Mortensen’s life.

Chris Mortensen Net Worth At Death

At the time of his passing on March 3, 2024, Chris Mortensen, the revered ESPN journalist, had accumulated a net worth of $6 million.

Born in Torrance, California, Mortensen’s financial success was a testament to his distinguished career in sports journalism.

Throughout his illustrious tenure at ESPN, which began in 1991, Mortensen provided insightful reports for various programs, including Sunday NFL Countdown, Monday Night Countdown, SportsCenter, and more.

Chris Mortensen Son Alex
Chris Mortensen Son Alex (Source: Instagram)

His annual salary, estimated at around $2 million, positioned him among the highest-paid figures in the industry.

Beyond his financial achievements, Mortensen’s impact on sports journalism is immeasurable.

He received numerous awards for investigative reporting, including the prestigious National Headliner Award in 1978.

Mortensen authored a book, “Playing for Keeps: How One Man Kept the Mob from Sinking Its Hooks into Pro Football,” showcasing his multifaceted contributions to the field.

Despite facing health challenges, including a battle with throat cancer announced in 2016, Mortensen’s dedication to his craft and enduring influence persisted.

His net worth at the time of his death reflects not only financial success but also the profound impact he made on the world of sports journalism.

Chris Mortensen’s legacy will continue to be celebrated for his contributions, insights, and the indelible mark he left on the industry.

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