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Catherine Herridge Husband JD Hayes: Married Life & Kids

Catherine Herridge, the American journalist, is married to JD Hayes, a distinguished Lieutenant Colonel in the US Air Force.

Catherine Herridge, an American journalist, born in Toronto, earned a Bachelor’s degree from Harvard and a Master’s in journalism from Columbia University.

She began her career as a London-based correspondent for ABC News before joining Fox News in 1996. At Fox, she extensively covered Hillary Clinton, the 2004 Democratic elections, the 9/11 attacks, and more.

In 2019, she joined CBS News as a senior investigative correspondent, leaving Fox after winning the Tex McCrary Award for Journalism.

Accused of promoting conservative views, Herridge, though admired in conservative circles, maintained journalistic integrity. She faced layoffs in February 2024, part of CBS News’ downsizing.

Catherine Herridge An American Journalist
Catherine Herridge An American Journalist (Facebook)

Besides journalism, she authored “The Next Wave: On the Hunt for Al Qaeda’s American Recruits” in 2011.

In a personal act of courage, Herridge donated part of her liver to her son in 2006, diagnosed with biliary atresia.

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Catherine Herridge Husband JD Hayes

Catherine Herridge, the esteemed investigative journalist known for her insightful reporting on national security, is complemented in her personal life by her husband, JD Hayes.

JD, a distinguished figure in the military as a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Air Force, adds a layer of strength and dedication to the Herridge-Hayes partnership.

Married since March 2004, Catherine and JD share a commitment not only to their family but also to the service of their country.

With a background as a West Point graduate, JD Hayes has undergone multiple overseas deployments since the tragic events of 9/11, showcasing his unwavering dedication to national duty.

Catherine Herridge Husband JD  Hayes & Kids
Catherine Herridge Husband JD Hayes & Kids (Source: Facebook)

The couple’s union is a testament to shared values and a mutual understanding of the demands posed by both military service and a high-profile journalism career.

In the often challenging and dynamic world they navigate, their bond is strengthened by a common commitment to excellence and duty.

JD Hayes’ military background brings a unique perspective to their relationship, as both spouses navigate the complexities of demanding professions.

While Catherine Herridge forges ahead in investigative journalism, JD contributes to the nation’s defense, creating a harmonious blend of two worlds committed to public service.

Catherine Herridge Married Life & Kids

Beyond the realms of journalism and military service, Catherine Herridge and JD Hayes have built a life grounded in enduring love and family values.

Their journey took a significant turn when they became parents, adding a profound layer to their shared experiences.

The couple is blessed with two sons, Jamie and Peter, 19, with whom they have weathered life’s challenges and celebrated triumphs.

Catherine Herridge Donated Part Of Her Liver To Her Son (Source: Facebook)

Their younger son, Peter, faced a severe health crisis, diagnosed with biliary atresia, a rare liver disease, shortly after birth in December 2005.

Catherine and JD confronted the daunting reality of their son’s need for a liver transplant, prompting Catherine’s selfless decision to donate 20% of her liver to save Peter’s life in June 2006.

Peter’s successful recovery has become a source of inspiration, guiding the family through life’s subsequent challenges.

In the midst of their demanding professional careers, Catherine and JD prioritize creating a nurturing environment for their sons.

The family resides in Washington, D.C., where they’ve cultivated a sense of normalcy despite the extraordinary circumstances they’ve faced.

Catherine’s dedication to her family is evident in her efforts to provide Peter with a full and active life, despite the ongoing medical management his condition requires.

Together, Catherine Herridge and JD Hayes exemplify a harmonious balance between duty, love, and the joy that family brings, underscoring the power of commitment in the face of life’s challenges.

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