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Who Is Kyle Higginbotham, Cat Janice Husband? Son Loren

Cat Janice, the late American singer-songwriter, was survived by her husband, Kyle Higginbotham.

Cat Janice (1993–2024), an American singer-songwriter, began her musical journey in Northern Virginia, showcasing her talent on violin and piano from age six.

With 14 years of classical training, she released her debut album in 2014, followed by the southern rock-inspired “Fire” in 2015.

Notably, she clinched a Washington Area Music Award in 2019 for Best Rock Artist. Janice’s songs found placements on popular shows like “Selling Sunset” and “Redneck Island.”

Her career took a poignant turn in 2022 when diagnosed with a rare sarcoma. Despite undergoing surgery and chemotherapy, she continued creating music, culminating in the release of “Modern Medicine.”

Cat Janice An American Singer-Songwriter
Cat Janice An American Singer-Songwriter (Source: Instagram)

Battling the resurgence of cancer, she independently dropped the TikTok sensation, “Dance You Outta My Head,” in January 2024, a poignant anthem about resilience and joy.

The song rapidly ascended global charts, winning the Robert Allen Award from the ASCAP Foundation.

Tragically, Cat Janice passed away on February 28, 2024, leaving a lasting legacy of strength, creativity, and dedication to her seven-year-old son.

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Who Is Kyle Higginbotham, Cat Janice Husband?

Kyle Higginbotham, the husband of the late Cat Janice, was a pivotal figure in the singer-songwriter’s life. Kyle is a fellow musician who performs under the name Footwerk.

Little is publicly known about his early life, but his connection with Cat Janice brought him into the spotlight.

The couple’s journey unfolded against the backdrop of Cat’s burgeoning music career and her courageous battle with cancer.

They shared a profound connection that transcended the ordinary, evident in their decision to accelerate their wedding plans in the face of Cat’s declining health.

Cat Janice Husband Kyle Higginbotham,
Cat Janice Husband Kyle Higginbotham (Source: Instagram)

The two exchanged vows on December 28, 2023, in a poignant ceremony at the church where Cat’s parents had tied the knot years earlier.

Kyle played a crucial role in supporting Cat throughout her health struggles. Despite the challenges, he remained a constant source of strength for Cat, standing by her side as she pursued her passion until the very end.

In the wake of Cat Janice’s passing on February 28, 2024, Kyle Higginbotham became the custodian of her legacy, ensuring that her music continues to resonate with audiences worldwide.

His role in preserving Cat’s artistic contributions and supporting their son, Loren, highlights the depth of their bond and the enduring impact of their love story.

Cat Janice Son Loren

Loren, the 7-year-old son of the late Cat Janice and Kyle Higginbotham, is a testament to the enduring legacy of love and artistry that his parents created.

Born into a family deeply immersed in the world of music, Loren became an integral part of Cat Janice’s journey, inspiring and influencing her work.

Cat often shared glimpses of her life with Loren on social media, showcasing their special moments and the budding musical connection they shared.

Cat Janice Son Loren
Cat Janice Son Loren (Source: Instagram)

Loren, an enthusiastic participant in his mother’s music videos, not only witnessed Cat’s creative process but actively contributed to it.

His presence in the video for the song “Wishing I Was You,” dedicated to Cat’s cancer journey, added a poignant and personal touch to the narrative.

The song “Dance You Outta My Head,” released just before Cat’s birthday in January 2024, was dedicated to Loren.

Cat, in her final moments, expressed her desire for the proceeds from the song to support her young son.

This act of love and foresight ensures that Loren will have a lasting connection to his mother’s musical legacy.

As Loren navigates the challenges of growing up without his mother, the love and creativity instilled by Cat Janice and Kyle Higginbotham will undoubtedly shape his journey.

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