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Who Are Carley Roney and David Liu, Havana Rose Liu Parents? Family & Ethnicity

Havana Rose Liu parents are David Liu and Carley Roney, who are the founders of the wedding planning site The Knot. Havana is the eldest daughter of three children born to her parents.

Havana initiated her artistic journey as a dancer during her childhood. She pursued a study at New York University, focusing on the convergence of art, activism, and wellness practices. In 2019, Liu successfully completed her academic journey, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Before her street-casting experience, Liu had not anticipated a career in acting. In September 2020, she gained prominence by gracing the cover of Vogue Italia.

Havana Rose Liu, An American Actress, Model, Dancer, Activist And Designer
Havana Rose Liu, An American Actress, Model, Dancer, Activist, And Designer (Source: Instagram)

Liu ventured into acting after being cast in a feature-length film in 2019, marking her official debut in 2021 with a supporting role in the action drama film Mayday.

During the same year, Liu also made her television debut with a minor role in the Netflix comedy-drama series The Chair.

In 2022, she took on significant roles in two films: first, a supporting role in Josephine Decker’s romantic drama The Sky Is Everywhere, followed by a lead role in the thriller No Exit.

While the films garnered mixed reviews, Liu received praise for her performance as Darby, a recovering drug addict, in the latter work.

Later, she starred in Emma Seligman’s comedy film Bottoms, portraying one of two lesbian high school girls who start a fight club to connect with other girls from their school. The film also features Rachel Sennott, Ayo Edebiri, and Kaia Gerber.

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Havana Rose Liu Parents, Carley Roney And David Liu: Family & Ethnicity

Havana Rose Liu, a talented American actress, model, dancer, activist, and designer was born on September 30, 1997, in Brooklyn, to her parents, David Liu and Carley Roney.

Her parents crossed paths during their undergraduate years at New York University. Her father, with Chinese heritage, immigrated to the United States in the 1990s, while her mother, with European descent, holds American nationality.

Both parents share a background as entrepreneurs, a commonality often credited for the success of their marriage. Three years following their marriage, the couple made a significant move into the wedding planning industry.

David Liu And Carley Roney
Havana Rose Liu Parents, David Liu And Carley Roney (Source: WGTC)

David Liu and Carley Roney co-founded the wedding planning website “The Knot,” and successfully launching” and successfully launched it in 1997.

The platform aimed to provide online services and assistance to couples in planning their weddings. The success of “The Knot” led to the evolution of their venture into the renowned lifestyle brand XO Group.

As of now, XO Group is valued at approximately over $500 million. Before establishing “The Knot,” David Liu had a background in digital production and management. Additionally, in 1993, Havana’s father founded the CD-ROM development firm RunTime Inc.

Havana Rose Liu parents maintained a strong connection, with David openly discussing their collaborative journey in building a lifestyle empire that had its share of highs and lows.

He remarked, “As a married couple in business together, you will experience highs that most couples will never experience. When you close a big deal or IPO with your spouse, it’s extraordinary. But some of the lows can be unbelievably dark, deeper, and darker than other couples will likely experience.”

In the end, it is evident that despite having highly successful overachieving parents, Havana is undeniably making her mark in the industry.

Havana Rose Liu: Chanel Ambassador

Liu garnered attention when she began attending Chanel events in 2022, ultimately securing a coveted contract with the luxury brand even before her breakout role in Bottoms.

As a brand ambassador, she expressed to the fashion website Fashionista that she is attracted to the androgynous quality of the house, which encourages exploration beyond conventional femininity.

Havana Rose Liu At CHANEL Tribeca Festival Artists dinner
Havana Rose Liu At CHANEL Tribeca Festival Artists Dinner (Source: Instagram)

Chanel’s spring 2024 fashion show in Paris became a pivotal moment for Liu, as the brand flew her out to witness the seasonal ready-to-wear spectacle.

During the event, the actress had the opportunity to gain a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the meticulous craftsmanship involved in high fashion.

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