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Cary Grant Wife: Barbara, Dyan, Betsy & Virginia: Married To 5 Women

Cary Grant, who lived for 82 years, was a husband to his five different wives. His first wife was Virginia Cherrill, and they got married on February 9, 1934.

Cary Grant, born Archibald Alec Leach on January 18, 1904, was an English-American actor who dedicated more than four decades to the film industry.

Recognized for his Mid-Atlantic accent, sophisticated charm, playful acting style, and impeccable sense of comedic timing, Grant sadly passed away on November 29, 1986.

Cary Grant, An English-American Actor
Cary Grant, An English-American Actor (Source: X)

Grant was born in the northern Bristol, England suburb of Horfield at 15 Hughenden Road. He was the second child of his parents, Elias James Leach (1872–1935) and Elsie Maria Leach (nee Kingdon; 1877–1973).

Being born into an underprivileged family in Bristol, Cary had a struggling early years due to his mother’s absence and his father’s struggles with alcoholism.

His father was employed as a tailor’s presser at a clothing factory, and his mother worked as a seamstress.

Unfortunately, his older brother, John William Elias Leach (1899–1900), passed away from tuberculous meningitis just two days before his birthday.

For these reasons, Grant, at times, thought he might have some Jewish heritage due to which his upbringing was marked by unhappiness, with his father struggling with alcoholism and his mother facing clinical depression.

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Cary Grant Wife: Barbara, Dyan, Betsy & Virginia: Married To 5 Women

In his lifetime, Cary Grant got married five times. On February 9, 1934, Cary tied the knot with Virginia Cherrill, at the Caxton Hall register office in London, but their wedding endured for only a year.

Cary, grappling with personal struggles not widely known, later went on to experience a series of love affairs, marriages, and divorces that would characterize his tumultuous romantic journey.

In 1942, Cary Grant married Barbara Hutton, a woman of considerable wealth as the heiress to the Woolworth dime-store chain. Their marital union encountered challenges, leading to their decision to part ways after only four years.

Despite the public scrutiny, Cary and Barbara maintained their dignity throughout the divorce proceedings.

In interviews, Cary spoke warmly of Barbara, taking responsibility for the divorce and highlighting the remarkable character that went beyond the headlines about her wealth.

In 1957, Cary Grant was caught in a romantic entanglement with Sophia Loren while filming The Pride and the Passion.

Sophia, who was 30 years younger than Cary, was about to marry film producer Carlo Ponti while she had a fling. Later, she ultimately chose to remain with Carlo instead of pursuing a relationship with Cary.

During this period, Cary was already married to Betsy Drake. Their relationship had its share of ups and downs, with moments of separation followed by reconciliation.

Betsy became more than just a romantic partner; she became Cary’s leading lady in films such as Every Girl Should Get Married and Room for One More. However, despite their on-screen chemistry, their real-life connection faced challenges.

Cary Grant With His Only Daughter And Dyan Cannon
Cary Grant Wife: Cary Grant With His Only Daughter And Dyan Cannon (Source: Fox News)

In 1965, Cary embarked on a new chapter in his life by marrying Dyan Cannon, bringing a period of happiness.

However, the familiar pattern of separations emerged, leading to their eventual divorce. Grant and Cannon separated in August 1967. The saga of Cary’s love life persisted, mirroring the complexities of his on-screen charisma.

Even though Cary Grant was married five times, he had only one child, a daughter named Jennifer. He shared parenthood with his then-wife, Dyan Cannon.

Cary Grant tied the knot with Barbara Harris on April 11, 1981. Harris, a British hotel public relations agent, was 47 years younger than Grant.

Their acquaintance began in 1976 at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London during a Fabergé conference attended by Grant. Although they initially became friends, it wasn’t until 1979 that Harris moved to live with him in California.

Grant’s friends observed a positive change in him with Harris, and Prince Rainier of Monaco noted that Grant’s final years with her were his happiest.

The dynamics of Cary’s love life were intricate, filled with passionate affairs, separations, and a continuous quest for enduring love amidst the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

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Cary Grant Cause Of Death

On the afternoon of Saturday, November 29, 1986, Cary Grant was at the Adler Theater in Davenport, Iowa, preparing for his performance in “A Conversation with Cary Grant” when he fell ill.

He had been feeling unwell upon arrival at the theater. Basil Williams, who photographed him at the theater, initially thought he appeared his usual suave self, but noticed signs of fatigue, including a stumble in the auditorium.

After rehearsing for half an hour, something suddenly seemed wrong, and Grant disappeared backstage.

Cary was taken back to the Blackhawk Hotel, where he and his wife had checked in. A doctor was summoned, revealing that Grant was experiencing a massive stroke, with a blood pressure reading of 210 over 130.

On The Way To The Hospital Accompanied By Wife Barbara Harris
On The Way To The Hospital Accompanied By Wife Barbara Harris (Source: Flickr)

Despite the severity of the situation, Grant refused to be taken to the hospital. The doctor recounted that the stroke rapidly worsened within fifteen minutes, and despite the distressing scene, Grant insisted on not seeking further medical intervention.

By 8:45 p.m., Grant had slipped into a coma and was subsequently transported to St. Luke’s Hospital in Davenport, Iowa.

After spending 45 minutes in the emergency room, he was transferred to intensive care. Unfortunately, Cary Grant passed away at 11:22 p.m. that same day, at the age of 82.

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