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Luce Cannon Wife Charisse Mills: His Longterm Relationship With Shaq’s Ex-Wife Shaunie O’Neil

Luce Cannon wife, Charisse Mills, is also widely known in the music world as she is a successful pop opera singer and talented songwriter.

Hailing from Los Angeles, the rapper naturally delved into production, surrounded by ambitious artists like Nipsey Hussle and childhood friend Drakeo the Ruler.

As a teenager, he kickstarted his production career by crafting beats for Nipsey Hussle and Drakeo the Ruler.

After the death of Hussle and Drakeo, he reevaluated his music-making motives, prompting him to transition from behind the boards to the forefront of the mic.

American Rapper, Luce Cannon
American Rapper, Luce Cannon (Source: Instagram)

Based in Los Angeles, Luce Cannon is actively producing beats, but there’s been a noticeable shift in his music approach lately.

Cannon has also released a series of singles, including a posthumous collaboration with Drakeo titled “Ball Out,” a project they collaborated on before the rapper’s untimely passing.

Recently, he has ventured into sharing his rap verses, delving into themes of loss, grappling with grief, and addressing the persistent issue of violence within the music industry.

Collaborating with Drake and 21 Savage, he played a key role as the opening act for their It’s All A Blur U.S. tour in 2023.

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Luce Cannon Wife Charisse Mills

Luce Cannon, a married man, tied the knot with his wife, Charisse Mills. Unfortunately, the specific date of their wedding is currently unknown.

When it comes to sharing the details of their love journey and initial encounter, the duo prefers to keep a private and reserved demeanor.

Charisse Mills, Luce Cannon’s wife, is a Trinidadian opera singer and influential songwriter, making a significant impact on the entertainment industry with her unique music.

She has been best recognized for collaborations with artists Ne-Yo and French Montana and has left a lasting impact on the music industry.

Making a comeback to the music scene, Charisse Mills has released her latest single, “Drop A Bag,” featuring a collaboration with her husband, Luce Cannon.

Luce Cannon Wife Charisse Mills
Luce Cannon Wife Charisse Mills (Source: Instagram)

Reflecting on the song’s inspiration, Charisse says:

“Drop A Bag’ is really my life. I live my life super bad and boujee. Everybody wants a taste of bad and boujee, but you can’t have me. I’m exclusive. If you want to touch, you better drop a bag on me. ‘Can’t let a n*gga touch if the bag’s on E.’ Okay?”

Luce Cannon wife steps into a new artistic realm with this single with a classical music foundation and a background as a trained opera singer. Surprisingly, her spouse, Luce, motivated her to create a track with strip club vibes.

Charisse and Luce Cannon are currently filming “The Real Side Chicks Of LA” for the For Us By Us Network. The happily committed couple resides in the lively city of Los Angeles, California.

In their journey filled with ups and downs, this husband and wife stand as a supportive team, backing each other not only in life but also in their respective careers.

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Luce Cannon Longterm Relationship With Shaq’s Ex-Wife Shaunie O’Neil

Luce Cannon says he had a long relationship with Shaunie O’Neal and suggests she used child support money from her ex-husband Shaq to buy him expensive gifts.

Despite a lack of proof, his interview on the “No Jumper” podcast has become widely discussed on social media.

While on the “No Jumper” podcast, Cannon embarked on an extensive monologue, supposedly divulging information about his alleged affair with Shaunie.

Shaquille O'Neal With His Former Wife Shaunie
Shaquille O’Neal With His Former Wife Shaunie (Source: People)

Disclosing to the audience, the rapper insisted on an alleged affair with Shaunie, mentioning Shaquille’s ex-wife as his “sugar mama.”

Luce argued that Shaunie O’Neil’s former wife spoiled him with luxurious gifts, including an Audemars Piguet watch and a Richard Mille watch.

Shaq and his ex-wife, Shaunie O’Neal, married in 2002 but separated their paths in 2009. Despite their split, they remain dedicated to co-parenting their six children.

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