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Who Is Gail Lewis Husband, Harold Lewis? Viral TikTok Reveals His Infidelity

Gail Lewis garnered widespread attention on social media for her sincere posts detailing the challenges her marriage faced due to her husband, Harold Lewis’s infidelity.

Hailing from Atlanta, Gail Lewis carries out the duties of a housewife, prioritizing the well-being of her husband and their son.

Her world shifts dramatically when she discovers her husband’s betrayal and faces the swirling rumors about their marriage.

Atlanta Woman Gail Lewis Is Viral For Her TikTok Videos On Her Husband's Infidelity
Atlanta Woman Gail Lewis Is Viral For Her TikTok Videos On Her Husband’s Infidelity (Source: Atlantablackstar)

Through a series of emotional face-offs and disclosures, the story resonates with viewers on TikTok and beyond.

Besides, Gail shares a genuine friendship with “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss.

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Gail Lewis Husband Harold Lewis Is A CEO

Gail Lewis husband, Harold Lewis, serves as the undisclosed CEO of the company. They tied the knot in 1999, marking 25 years of marriage together as of 2024.

The joyously wedded couple welcomed a son into their lives, bringing immense happiness.

Gail has kept the details about her husband to a minimum, and there’s no additional information available about Harold, her spouse.

Recently, she found herself in the midst of a scandalous situation as she uncovered her husband’s affair with his mistress, causing waves across social media.

Gail Lewis Husband Harold Lewis Is A CEO Of The Company
Gail Lewis Husband Harold Lewis Is A CEO Of The Company (Source: Atlantablackstar)

TikTok videos by Gail Lewis detailed how she discovered the alleged affair in October 2022 while her husband, Harold Lewis, was en route back to Atlanta from an international business trip.

Gail and Harold Lewis, once shared a beautiful and seemingly harmonious marriage, marked by trust, companionship, and shared dreams.

What was once a source of solace and support turned into a painful revelation of betrayal and deceit.

As of now, Gail faces the daunting task of rebuilding her life and finding solace in the midst of heartbreak and betrayal.

Gail Lewis Viral TikTok Reveals Husband’s Infidelity

The internet buzzes as an Atlanta woman’s video of catching her husband and his supposed mistress at the airport goes viral.

Gail discovered from the airline staff that her husband Harold and another female passenger had arrived 20 minutes ago, a detail Harold had not shared with her.

Gail recalled Harold’s complaint and proceeded to verify its accuracy by reviewing their American Express card transactions.

Gail Lewis said:

When I opened up that bill, the woman that the airline employee mentioned that was on his itinerary, her name was up and down my credit card bill. Flights here, flights there, flights to Paris, Delta vacations, a country here, an island there. While I thought he was out working and telling me I couldn’t travel with him ‘cause he didn’t want to get distracted, oh, he had a travel mate, alright.

Gail disclosed that her husband once more tried to conceal the truth, but ultimately confessed. She revealed that Harold admitted the other woman was his girlfriend of several years.

Harold said “At least I ain’t gotta lie no more. I’m sorry I hurt you, but least I ain’t gotta lie anymore.”

Gail stated that Harold conveyed his unwillingness to pursue a divorce but disclosed his wish to continue his involvement with the other woman.

Gail eventually took steps to file for divorce from Harold. "I did. I filed for divorce and each day I've gotten stronger," she said in a video.

With her story going viral, Gail found herself the subject of calls from social media users to become a member of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Adding to the discussion, RHOA personality Kandi Burruss disclosed that Gail belonged to her group of friends.

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