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Kayla Harrison Husband: Is She Married To Aaron Handy? Kids & Family

Kayla Harrison has no husband as she is currently single. However, the mixed martial artist has proudly embraced motherhood by adopting two kids.

Kayla Harrison, born on July 2, 1990, has forged a remarkable path from Olympic judo champion to emerging star in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA).

The Ohio native clinched gold at the 2012 and 2016 Olympics, making history as the first American to achieve such a feat in judo.

American Mixed Martial Artist Kayla Harrison
American Mixed Martial Artist Kayla Harrison (Source: Instagram)

Early success in judo, she bravely exposed and confronted sexual abuse by her coach, leading to justice and a fresh start in Boston under new mentors.

In 2018, Kayla Harrison entered MMA, joining the Professional Fighters League (PFL). She swiftly claimed the Women’s Lightweight Championship in 2019 and successfully defended it in 2021.

Despite a setback in the 2022 PFL Women’s Lightweight Tournament Final, Harrison remains a coveted talent.

Recently signed with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), she is slated to make her bantamweight debut against Holly Holm at UFC 300 on April 13, 2024.

With 16 wins and 1 loss in her MMA career, Kayla Harrison’s evolution from judo royalty to MMA sensation captivates fans.

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Kayla Harrison Husband: Is She Married To Aaron Handy?

As of now, Kayla Harrison is not married. Famous for her dominance in the MMA world, she has not only made waves in the octagon but has also been in the spotlight for her intriguing relationship history.

In 2012, news emerged that Kayla Harrison was engaged to Aaron Handy, as reported by CNBC. However, despite the initial commitment, the relationship took an unexpected turn.

Subsequently, Harrison found herself in a romantic involvement with fellow American Top Team pupil, Anthony Rocco Martin, formerly known as Tony Martin.

While no recent reports confirm Kayla Harrison’s current relationship status with Anthony Martin, the couple openly acknowledged their connection in a 2019 interview with Michael Fiedel.

It’s worth noting that the UFC eventually released Anthony Rocco Martin after the conclusion of his multi-fight contract in 2020.

Kayla With Her Ex-Fiance Aaron Handy; No Mention of Kayla Harrison Husband
Kayla With Her Ex-Fiance Aaron Handy (Source: BostonHerald)

As fans remain intrigued by Kayla Harrison’s journey both inside and outside the octagon, the question of her relationship status, particularly with Aaron Handy, remains curious.

Despite the separation, Kayla Harrison continued to make headlines in the MMA scene. She has not publicly disclosed information about her current marital status or any potential partner.

Kayla Harrison: Kids & Family

Kayla Harrison, the double Olympic and MMA world champion, has not only conquered the judo mat and the MMA cage but is also navigating the demanding terrain of single motherhood.

In a heartfelt turn of events, Kayla stepped up to adopt Kyla and Emery, her niece and nephew, following personal challenges faced by her sister Aura.

The decision came after the passing of their grandmother’s partner, placing Harrison in the role of a guardian and a mother figure.

Kayla Harrison With Her Kids
Kayla Harrison With Her Kids (Source: Instagram)

Acknowledging the demanding nature of motherhood, Kayla emphasizes the absence of a manual for parenting.

She candidly shares that being a mom is her most challenging role, filled with both fear and love.

While navigating the complexities of single parenthood, Kayla remains an unstoppable force in MMA, showcasing her resilience and commitment to both family and sport.

Amid her demanding career, Kayla aspires to be a role model for Kyla and Emery, instilling the values of hard work and perseverance in them.

Her pursuit of excellence in the cage is intertwined with a dedication to creating a meaningful and inspiring life for her children.

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