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Where Is David Yeomans Going After Leaving KXAN? New Job & Family Life

Three-time Emmy Award-winning meteorologist David Yeomans bids farewell to KXAN, leaving viewers curious about his next move.

David Yeomans, a three-time Emmy Award-winning meteorologist, embarked on a captivating career driven by an enduring passion for weather.

From a young age, his fascination led him to become a registered storm spotter and contribute to climate records for the National Weather Service.

After graduating from Westlake High School, Yeomans pursued meteorology at the University of Miami, where he engaged in pivotal internships at KXAN, CBS4 Miami, and Spectrum News in Austin.

Under the mentorship of climate change expert Dr. Brian Soden, he conducted groundbreaking research on the relationship between water vapor and global warming.

David Yeomans A Well-Known Meteorologist
David Yeomans A Well-Known Meteorologist (Source: Instagram)

After graduating from the University of Miami, Yeomans researched hurricane formation, presented at prestigious meteorological conventions, and earned the Certified Broadcast Meteorologist seal from the American Meteorological Society.

Throughout his 12-year tenure at KXAN, Yeomans delivered impactful weather coverage, earning accolades such as Lone Star Emmy Awards and recognition from the Texas Associated Press Broadcasters.

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Where Is David Yeomans Going After Leaving KXAN?New Job

On February 28, 2024, David Yeomans bid farewell to KXAN, marking the end of an era. The announcement of his departure stirred curiosity about his next endeavor.

While specifics about his plans were not immediately disclosed, Yeomans expressed excitement for a new challenge and continued growth.

His departure from the longstanding role of Chief Meteorologist at KXAN, a position he assumed in 2021, leaves fans and colleagues eagerly anticipating updates on his next professional venture.

Given Yeomans’ extensive expertise in meteorology, there is speculation about potential opportunities in regions with distinct weather patterns, presenting new and different challenges.

KXAN Announces The Departure Of Chief Meteorologist David Yeomans
KXAN Announces The Departure Of Chief Meteorologist David Yeomans (Source: Instagram)

Throughout his career, Yeomans has showcased a keen interest in researching and understanding various meteorological phenomena, making any future role in the field highly anticipated.

As fans and the meteorological community await updates, Yeomans’ social media platforms promise to be the go-to source for insights into his post-KXAN journey.

In a heartfelt Instagram post, Yeomans reflects on his journey from a 19-year-old intern to the helm at KXAN.

He expresses gratitude to friend @ericmhenrikson for a special video and thanks everyone for the overwhelming love and support throughout the week.

The post captures the significance of Yeomans’ career evolution and the appreciation he holds for the community’s unwavering support.

His impact on the weather reporting landscape and the Austin community ensures that wherever he goes, David Yeomans will continue to be a respected and influential figure in the world of meteorology.

David Yeomans Family Life

Amid Chief Meteorologist David Yeomans’ departure from KXAN after an illustrious 12-year tenure, glimpses into his personal life reveal a heartwarming story of love and commitment.

Despite Yeomans’ prominence as KXAN News’ top meteorologist, he has kept much of his personal life private.

Yeomans is happily married to Izzy Wagner. Their journey from friendship, starting in 2014, blossomed into a romantic relationship.

David Yeomans With His Wife Izzy
David Yeomans With His Wife Izzy (Source: Instagram)

The turning point came on September 26, 2021, when Yeomans proposed to Izzy, and she joyfully accepted.

The couple sealed their commitment in a heartfelt union on November 19, 2022, marking a significant chapter in Yeomans’ life beyond the weather forecast.

The details of their relationship underscore the genuine connection shared between David Yeomans and Izzy Wagner.

Their story, evolving from a friendship that stood the test of time, adds a personal touch to the meteorologist’s public persona.

As Yeomans steps into a new professional chapter, his family life with Izzy undoubtedly plays a crucial role in shaping his priorities.

The recognition of “David Yeomans Day” by Mayor Kirk Watson highlights not only Yeomans’ professional impact but also his role as a family man.

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