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Meteorologist AJ Burnett Weight Loss: Diet And Workout Plan

Meterorologist AJ Burnett weight loss: Burnett is a award winning meteorologist who has lost decent amount of weight. What is his secret?

A.J. Burnett is a well-known meteorologist and weather producer at WCVB-TV in Boston. He is originally from Cape Cod, which is a Peninsula in Massachusetts.

Burnett studied at a public school in Barnstable called “ Barnstable High School”. Later he graduated with a degree in Meteorology from Rutgers University in New Jersey.

AJ Burnett Weight Loss
AJ Burnett, An Award Winning Meteorologist And Weather producer (Source: Instagram)

He started working for WCVB TV in 2016. Besides WCVB he has worked for several television stations namely “FOX25,” “NEWSCENTER Maine,” “New England Cable News,” and “WMUR-TV”.

A.J. has had a career full of storms quite literally as he covered “January Nor’easter” also known as “Bomb Cyclone” in 2018.

Likewise, he also covered 2013’s Blizzard, Super Storm Sandy, and 2011’s Tornado in Massachusetts.

Burnett is a Regional Award Winner at New England Emmy which was given by The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

Moreover, he also has teacher certification in Mathematics and Earth Science and used to teach science and mathematics in a high school for a short period of time.

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AJ Burnett Weight Loss: Diet And Workout Plan

AJ Burnett weight loss: There is no official before and after weight loss declaration from the meteorologist.

However, looking at A.J.’s latest pictures uploaded on his social media, he has clearly lost a good amount of weight.

As of now, there is no information about Burnett’s diet plan or workout plan. In his latest post on Instagram where he claimed to have ‘Ring the bell’ by completing BAA’s 5000 meters and 10000 meters race.

AJ Burnett At BAA 5000 m / 10000 m Race (Source: Instagram)

He completed the race in 13 minutes and was in 1,513 position out of 2,655. In this very Instagram post a keen comment appeared on what was the secret behind AJ Burnett Weight Loss.

To the question, he replied, “Got rid of snacks. Major life changes, some unexpected, most intentional.”

We can gather an idea that AJ Burnett weight loss was successful because of proper diet and workout plan.

However, that is all we know for now. We can patiently wait and hope he shares his tremendous weight loss journey soon.

AJ Burnett Wife, Family & Children

AJ was born to his father, John Burnett, and his mother, Laurie Burnett. Regarding his marital life, he got married to Carrie Ann on October 4, 2008, in New Port, Rhode Island. 

Carrie is a Danvers High School graduate. For college, she went to the New England School of Law.

There, she received a Juris Doctor degree to become a lawyer. At present, she works as an Assistant District Attorney at the Middlesex District Attorney’s office.

AJ Burnett With His Daughters- Gracie On right And Caroline On Left (Source: Instagram)

AJ and Carrie have two daughters; their oldest is Gracie, born on March 1, 2011, and their youngest is Caroline, born in 2012.

Burnett is a very proud girl dad and doesn’t miss any occasion to praise his little girls on social media.

Moreover, Carrie, AJ, and their two daughters are truly a family goal.

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