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Was Alexander The Great Gay? New Netflix Series Angers Fans

Conservatives are fuming over Netflix’s portrayal of Alexander The Great as a gay man in their latest docuseries despite historical evidence suggesting he was likely bisexual.

The “End Wokeness” X account, a prominent voice in conservative circles, expressed outrage over a scene in “Alexander: The Making of a God” where Alexander, portrayed by Buck Braithwaite, shares a passionate kiss with his close companion Hephaestion.

In a tweet dripping with disapproval, the account exclaimed, “Netflix’s new documentary on Alexander The Great wastes no time. In just 8 minutes, they’ve rewritten history to make him gay.”

Alexander the Great Portrait (Source: Wikipedia)

However, while the conservative backlash gained traction, many others were quick to remind critics that Alexander’s sexuality has long been a subject of scholarly debate.

Historians widely acknowledge the complexities of his romantic relationships, suggesting that he likely transcended traditional notions of sexual orientation.

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Was Alexander The Great Gay? New Netflix Series Angers Fans

Alexander’s sexuality has sparked debate and speculation among modern scholars.

Athenaeus, citing the contemporary historian Dicaearchus, suggests that Alexander had a strong interest in young men, and there are accounts of him publicly kissing the eunuch Bagoas, as documented by Plutarch.

However, none of Alexander’s contemporaries explicitly describe his relationship with Hephaestion as sexual, despite frequent comparisons to Achilles and Patroclus, often interpreted as a romantic pair.

Alexander The Great (Source: Netflix)

Aelian recounts Alexander and Hephaestion’s visit to Troy, where they honored the tombs of Achilles and Patroclus, with Hephaestion’s actions hinting at a special closeness between them, akin to the bond between Achilles and Patroclus.

Some historians, like Robin Lane Fox, suggest that Alexander’s relationship with Hephaestion may have been sexual, possibly extending into adulthood, a departure from the norms of certain Greek cities like Athens.

However, others propose that Macedonian society, particularly the court, may have been more tolerant of adult homosexuality.

Netflix Docuseries Portryal Angers Fans

The portrayal of Alexander the Great as bisexual isn’t a novel concept, as evidenced by the 2004 film “Alexander,” starring Colin Farrell, which depicted him as such.

Interestingly, even in response to the initial post, commentators themselves pointed out that ancient historians and scholars widely accepted Alexander’s bisexuality, acknowledging his long-standing intimate relationships with both men and women.

Released on January 31st, the 6-part docudrama delves into Alexander’s radical transformation from a young exile to his relentless pursuit of defeating the formidable Persian Emperor Darius, ultimately leading to his conquest of the known world in less than six years.

Featuring interviews with historians and compelling reenactments, the series vividly brings Alexander’s story to life, particularly emphasizing his sexual orientation.

Professor Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones of Cardiff University notes in the first episode that same-sex relationships were prevalent throughout the Greek world. At the same time, Dr. Salima Ikram of the American University of Cairo suggests that Hephaestion was not just Alexander’s close companion but possibly his “greatest love.”

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