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Who Are Julien Baker Parents? Ethnicity & Religion Explored

Julien Baker was born on September 29, 1995, to her parents, who reportedly were professional physical therapists.

Julien Rose Baker is an American indie rock singer and guitarist renowned for her introspective lyrical approach.

She developed an interest in alternative music after seeing Green Day on television and consequently started listening to bands like My Chemical Romance and Death Cab for Cutie.

Julien Baker Parents
American Indie Rock Singer And Guitarist Julien Baker (Source: Pinterest)

Baker rose to prominence with the release of her debut studio album, Sprained Ankle (2015), while still a student at Middle Tennessee State University. The album garnered critical acclaim and was featured on various 2015 year-end lists.

Apart from that, she’s put out several well-known songs, including Funeral Pyre, Faith Healer, and Heatwave.

In addition, she has three Grammy wins and six nominations as a member of Boygenius.

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Who Are Julien Baker Parents? Ethnicity & Religion Explored

Julien Rose Baker was born in Germantown, and raised in Bartlett, Tennessee, a suburb of Memphis.

Julien Baker parents identities are kept private; however, resources claim that both of Baker’s parents worked in the field of physical therapy.

Despite being a renowned singer, Julien Baker has managed to keep her personal and family detailed away from the limelight.

Nevertheless, some sources have highlighted that her parents separated when she was still in elementary school.

Julien Baker Parents
American Indie Rock Singer And Guitarist Julien Baker During Her Concert (Source: Instagram)

Baker has mentioned being motivated by her father, who dedicated his life to creating experimental prosthetic limbs following an accident in his twenties that left him without a leg.

Julien Baker is of white ethnicity and grew up within the confines of a devout Baptist family. She began performing at her church as a result, which was her first musical experience.

Moreover, her religious background had a tremendous impact on shaping her musical preferences and laying the groundwork for her artistic career.

Julien Baker On Being Lesbian

Talking about Julien Baker’s sexuality, Baker has consistently identified as a lesbian woman.

She came out to her parents at the age of 17, after years of being closeted and watching peers go to conversion therapy or be kicked out of their homes. However, she discovered that her family was “radically accepting.”

Being a lesbian, Baker’s difficult experiences with organized Christianity have influenced a lot of her writing.

Julien Baker With Her Girlfriend Mariah Schneider (Source: Pinterest)

Baker, who previously identified as a Christian socialist, has spoken out about the challenges she had as a “sober queer Christian” early in her career.

According to her, this labeling negatively affected her perception of who she was and made her rethink and analyze some of the most important areas of her life.

Since then, she has talked about how her connection to faith is always evolving. She has called the realization that her beliefs are not as completely rigid as they once were and that she is seeking to adopt a less rigid worldview.

Talking about Baker’s relationship status, she has been in a relationship with Mariah Schneider, guitarist of the band Slider, since 2019.

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