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Travis Fimmel Wife: Is Ragnar from Vikings Married To Nicole Poturalski? Girlfriend 2024

Travis Fimmel is an Australian actor and model currently associated with German model Nicole Poturlski.

Travis Fimmel is a former model and currently an actor from Australia.

He was born on 15 July 1979 to parents Jennie Fimmel and Chris Fimmel in Echuca, Australia.

Travis studied at a Public Research University in Melbourne called RMIT University.

It is said that Fimmel grew up with two older brothers; however, there are no details about them.

Travis Fimmel, An Actor And Former Model (Source: Instagram)

Chadwick Models Agency scouted Travis while he was working out in the gym. Later, he went to the US to continue his modeling career. 

After moving to the US, Travis was signed by LA Models in 2002. It is said that he was broke and walked barefoot into the modeling agency.

Furthermore, Travis was the first male model to sign a six-figure contract with Calvin Klein for a year.

With time, his modeling career turned his life so much so that he was titled “World’s Sexiest Bachelor” in 2002 by People magazine.

Likewise, Travis has been called the “most in-demand male model in the world” around 2002.

Besides being a model, he is also a terrific actor. He debuted as an actor with the song “Someone To Call My Lover.”

His first film was Surfer, Dude in 2008, where he played the role of Johny Doran. 

Moving forward through the years, he has appeared in many other movies like “Needle,” “The Experiment,” “Supremacy,” “Dreamland,” etc.

Despite starring in numerous movies, Travis Fimmel is best known for his role in Vikings as Ragnar Lothbrok.

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Travis Fimmel Wife: Is he married To Nicole Poturalski

Travis Fimmel Wife: Nicole Poturalski is a German model born on January 2, 1993.

Just Like Travis Fimmel, Nicole was also scouted by a modeling agency because of her stunning appearance.

Nicole was scouted at the young age of 13 when she was visiting Disneyland.

Ever sin,ce she has appeared in multiple fashion magazins, and walked runways in Milan, Paris, and New York.

Travis Fimmel Wife
Nicole Poturalski, A German Model (Source: Instagram)

Recently rumors of Ragnar actor Travis and Nicole being together has been spreading like a wildfire.

Some even believe that the actor and model are married but are trying to keep quite about it.

However, it is not news that Nicole got married to Ronald Mary in 2012. They have a son together named Emil.

Despite still being married to Ronald it seems to us that Fimmel and Poturalski are romantically involved.

To say the least, current news claims Travis and Nicole to be dating.

Regardless of whether they are a couple or not, it seems that they are not married to each other as of January 2024.

Nicole appears to be still be married to the father of her child, Ronald Mary, and has no signs or rumors pointing to any crack in their relationship.

As per Travis Fimmel, he has never been married to anyone but has quite a dating history.

Therefore, the only way to get Travis Fimmel’s Wife is to wait until he gets married.

Are Nicole Poturalski and Ronald Still Married?

Yes, as of January 2024, Nicole and Ronald are still married.

Furthermore, Nicole Poturalski and Ronald Mary have an 11-year-old son, Emil.

Nicole With Her And Ronald’s Son (Source: Instagram)

Even though the German model was spotted at different places with World War Z star Bard Pitt, her marriage was not affected by it.

Brad and Nicole attended Kanye West’s Opera Performance together in November 2014.

Their relationship was confirmed by different sources. However it was very short lived and both say the relationship was not serious.

Nonetheless, while dating Bard Pitt, Nicole was still married to Ronald Mary.

Ronald has been known to not be the “jealous type” and although there are no official claims many believe that they are in a open marriage.

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