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Liv Hewson Partner: Who Is The Yellowjackets Actress Dating? More On Gender & Sexuality

Liv Hewson, the Australian non-binary actress, unexpectedly found love despite not actively seeking romance.

Liv Hewson is an Australian actor and playwright born November 29, 1995. They gained recognition as Abby Hammond in Netflix’s “Santa Clarita Diet” (2017-2019) and currently portrays Van Palmer in the Showtime series “Yellowjackets” since 2021.

In 2014, Liv attended an acting workshop in Los Angeles. In 2016, they led the fantasy series “Dramaworld,” and in 2017, starred in “Before I Fall” and had recurring roles in “Top of the Lake” and “Inhumans.”

Liv Hewson An Australian Actor And Playwright (Source: Instagram)
Liv Hewson, An Australian Actor And Playwright (Source: Instagram)

Born in Canberra, Liv Hewson discovered their passion for acting at the Canberra Youth Theatre. They came out as non-binary at 16, identify as gay, and use they/them pronouns.

In 2020, they received the Human Rights Campaign Visibility Award for LGBT+ advocacy.

Hewson’s film roles include “Puzzle,” “Let It Snow,” and “Bombshell.” On television, they appeared in “Dramaworld,” “Santa Clarita Diet,” and the ongoing series “Yellowjackets.”

Liv’s career is marked by diverse roles and a commitment to LGBTQ+ advocacy, making them notable in the entertainment industry.

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Liv Hewson Partner

Who Is The Yellowjackets Actress Dating? More On Gender & Sexuality

Liv Hewson Partner: Liv Hewson, known for their role in “Yellowjackets,” recently shared news about finding love again despite not actively seeking romance.

In a 2019 podcast, Liv Hewson disclosed a year-long relationship with their then-girlfriend.

As a non-binary individual, they noted the added complexities of the dating scene. Despite not actively seeking love, Hewson humorously described unexpectedly finding it, likening the experience to being hit over the head with a frying pan.

On the “Couple’s Therapy” podcast, Hewson humorously described the unexpected nature of the encounter, expressing their joy and stating, “I’m in love.”

Hewson, who openly identifies as non-binary, has previously discussed the complexities of dating in the context of their gender identity.

Fans, however, had mixed reactions to the revelation. Some expressed surprise and disappointment on social media, while others playfully claimed to be Hewson’s partner.

The actor, who co-hosts Netflix’s podcast “The Homo Schedule” with Jasmin Savoy Brown, maintains a close friendship with Brown, who is also their on-screen love interest in “Yellowjackets.”

Despite the fan reactions, Hewson’s professional journey, including embracing their nonbinary identity and undergoing top surgery, has been met with positive reception.

The actor’s openness about personal and professional experiences resonates with fans and contributes to broader conversations about gender identity and acceptance.

Liv Hewson: More On Gender & Sexuality

Liv Hewson Partner: Liv Hewson, the nonbinary star of “Yellowjackets,” opened up to Teen Vogue about their journey of self-discovery, navigating gender dysphoria, and their refusal to participate in Emmy nominations due to gender-specific categories.

In the interview, Hewson discussed their experiences growing up in Australia, struggling with gender dysphoria, and how learning about feminism and queer history helped them understand their identity.

The interview delves into Hewson’s role as Van Palmer in “Yellowjackets,” exploring the complex themes of trauma, survival, and decision-making in the show.

Hewson, along with co-star Jasmin Savoy Brown, intentionally brings a queer sensibility to their characters, aiming to represent and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community.

They discussed the positive impact of top surgery on their life, challenging societal discomfort and addressing misconceptions about gender-affirming surgery.

They withdrew from Emmy consideration, citing frustration with gender-specific categories, and called for industry changes to include gender-neutral awards in acting categories.

Liv Hewson Partner: Liv Hewson Attending The 2024 Emmys (Source: Instagram)
Liv Hewson Partner: Liv Hewson Attending The 2024 Emmys (Source: Instagram)

Liv made a bold statement at the 2024 Emmys by wearing a unique tuxedo tailcoat, showcasing their top surgery scar and a meaningful tattoo.

The non-binary actor, who previously opted out of Emmy consideration due to gender-specific categories, confidently expressed their identity on the red carpet.

Hewson concludes by expressing newfound self-assuredness and pride, emphasizing hope for the future and the importance of asserting the rights of nonbinary and trans individuals to exist and thrive.

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